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Bridging Mono Mcintosh Mc2102
For whatever its worth, when faced with this decision, I flinched and bought two MC501's. The 2102 is a fine amp, so the answer probably depends on the rest of your equipment and your willingness to have two large heat sources in your room.Skip 
Mcintosh MCD1000 & MDA1000
There has been a lot of discussion about the MCD/MDA1000 and the MCD201 on AudioKarma: http://audiokarma.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=54You might check it out. I've been very happy with mine, but have not compared them with the MCD201.Skip 
Mcintosh C220 pre
Based on my experience with a C2200, break-in should not be a major issue. I left mine running with a CD on repeat and the amps off for several hours per day over the course of a week (plus normal listening time). Preamp tubes last a long time. So... 
McIntosh C-1000
In addition to whatever responses you get here, you might check http://audiokarma.org. Lots of C-1000 discussion on the McIntosh forum.Skip 
McIntosh vs. ARC
I have owned both an MC2102 and the 501 monoblocks, Both have sounded great with my 3.6's. I switched from the 2102 to the 501 mainly to try higher power. I listen mainly to classical, jazz and opera. Sweet on top and firm bass on the bottom. You ... 
Building a System around old McIntosh Components
Lots of preamp choices out there - including one of the older Mac SS preamps that were designed to work with the MC2100. You might browse http://audiokarma.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=54I've used Terry DeWick in TN and Audio Classics NY for repa... 
McIntosh MCD205 vd McIntosh MCD7009
or consider the newly-released single disk MCD201 CD/SACD player... 
McIntosh repairs - who?
Based on personal experience, I'll second the suggestion to use Terry DeWick, even if it means shipping it to him. Here is the link:http://www.mcintoshaudio.com/skip 
Best tube amp s for magnepan 3.6r
Mine worked fine with a Mcintosh MC2102. All of the above caveats about room size and listening level apply. Skip 
"Perfect Match" McIntosh Tubes - Speaker ?
If you like Magnepan speakers for your (non-rock) choice in music, I've found that the 3.6 model works quite well with the 2200/2102 combo. Admittedly, tho', rock is not what I listen to. Have fun.Skip 
Maggies and McIntosh 501's?
Noonan - thanks. I plan to do that. My casual impression is that most AV dealers put far more effort into selling expensive TVs than audio, especially ausio not intended for home theater. That includes at least some McIntosh dealerships that I hav... 
Maggies and McIntosh 501's?
Thanks Campbelr. I spent some time listening to the MC501's at a local shop, but it was the usual problem: familiar preamp (C2200), familiar Bach CD (one of mine), but unfamiliar CDP and speakers. I didn't like what I heard - boomy bass and shrill... 
What happened to Discwasher?
Still around. I found a source last year and bought several, along with a brush. Try Google and eBay.Here's a place that carries it, but lists it out of stock until Aug 24:http://www.the2buds.com/surclean.htmSkip 
No Bi-Amp but tubes for Maggies -- can it be done?
Sure. I'm driving the 3.6 model with a 100 watt per channel McIntosh tube amp (2102) and preamp (2200). Sounds great and I listen to a lot of vocal music of various kinds.Skip 
Anyone compare Mcintosh MC2102 to new Mcintosh SS?
I used a mac 352 with my speakers (Magnepan 3.6) before switching to a 2102. Is the 2102 audibly better in my system? Yes. Is it _miles_ better? No. Does the 2102 run hotter? Much.Have fun.Skip