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Step me up from Paradigm Studio 20 v4 bookshelf, seriously.
I have a pair of Watkins Stereo Gen 4's, best bang for the buck in a smaller speaker.  
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
My favorite is my pair of Watkins Stereo WE-1s speakers, they are large but have such a sweet musical sound, even at 37 years old.  
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
Generation 4s by Watkins StereoThey are made in Kingsport, TN by Mr Bill Watkins Jr. Bill and his father, now passed away, have been building speakers for over 40 years. Bill Sr said he couldn't build a better speaker than the Gen 4s. Amazing soun... 
Need help replacing my beloved Magnepan....
Check into Watkins Stereo Gen 4s, the best bookshelf type speaker I've ever listen to. I think they are 2500 so it's well within your price range.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
oh, no! it's DEVO 
$3000 stand mounted speakers?
Watkins Stereo Generations 4, the best bang for the buck!! 
Watkins Audio Generation Four Bookshelf Speakers ?
I to have a pair of Watkins Gen 4s, amazing speaker and Bill Jr is certainly a very professional and generous man with his time. I stop by his place of business ever so often, he always has time to talk music and equipment.Bill emailed me a few mo... 
need recommendations for standmount speakers
You can never go wrong with a pair of Watkins Stereo Gen 4s, amazing sounds quality out of a small speaker.  
Bookshelf Bake Off
Watkins Stereo Gen 4s 
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
1K to 5K - Watkins Stereo Generation 4. Price falls right in the middle of the range.  
Tube amplifier suggestion for 101 dB speakers
http://www.tubes4hifi.com VTA-120 You can get this 60 watt tube amp completely wired or in a kit, wired for around $1450 to $1650 depending on options. I built the M-125 mono blocks over 4 years ago and they still sound great. No frills in the cha... 
What area or country do you live in ?
I live in the mountains of Upper East Tennessee, the neck of the woods is called Blackbottom.  
Looking for suggestions on best small footprint speaker under $4K
I concur with bhmg, Watkins Gen 4 are outstanding speakers.https://www.watkinsstereo.com/ 
What is the epic song of a group?
Elf - Dixie Lee Junction  
Notable very small loudspeaker companies (other than Tekton!)
Watkins Stereo, Bill and Bill Jr keep making fine speakers