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What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
In my system, QSA Lanedri, and I've had the Argento Flowmaster Reference in my system.   
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
Here's my report from two days of testing with four people, which includes myself: My initial impressions were that the Ref6SE was more laid back sounding and slightly smoother especially in the mids versus the Ref6, which had a more forward prese... 
Decide between ARC Ref 6SE and Aesthetix Calypso Eclipse
I had a Calypso Signature, and the Ref5SE blew it away. 
Personal Preamp Evolution
Odyssey CandelaAesthetix Calypso SignatureAudio Research Ref5SEAudio Research Ref6 
Audio Research Ref6SE and Ref750SEL
I was just posting because I didn’t see a thread on it and in case other people haven’t seen the announcement.If the increase in improvement is as big as the Ref5SE to the Ref6, that'll be nuts! 
Ayre QX-5 Twenty steaming performance
USB with a SOtM tX-USB Ultra definitely sounds better than the ethernet input. 
What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?
I've never seen a pair of Vandersteen 7 Mk. II and rarely see 5a Carbons on the used market. 
Magnepan and room size, room placement
I would not buy Maggies for a room that small. Most owners do not have the proper room for them, and their are better speakers for smaller rooms imho. However, when properly setup in a good room, Maggies are unbeatable for price/performance. 
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
Magnepan, assuming you have the right room  
Vandersteen 3a vs Magnepan 3.7i
Your room is way too small for the 3.7i in my opinion.  The Vandies should serve you better, especially since you listen to rock. 
Best amp options between $2k-$4 to power Magnepan 1.7?
Magtech blows away Odyssey.  I owned both. 
Which magnepan
The 3.7i should fit in your room.  I have a 24'x15'10' room.  The length actually continues another 10'-15' beyond a kitchen counter.  I have the speakers 10' and 8' off the front wall (irregularly shaped), and it sounds glorious. 
yggdrasil dac and Innous Zenith MK2
I have a Zenith SE with Yggy2. They work great together. 
Considering A Hegel Amp. Need Experiences and Observations
I have the H30 and was surprised that it sounds better than my Sanders Magtech. 
ARC Ref 5se VS ARC Ref 6
I had both in my system at one point. The Ref6 is noticeably better.