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beautiful piano recordings: solo or small ensemble
Bach, Scarletti by Glenn Gould. Most beautiful music! 
Anyone ever hear Stax Dac -X1t Tube dac
I personally compare A/B stax x1t with zanden, the zanden is not even comparable. Stax x1t still the best so far in my system (I've tried many other such as mark levinson, mbl, altis, forsell...) 
Crazy? Lamm ML2/ML2.1 on Avalon Eidolon?
Elberoth2Do you know if Ancient Audio have any dealer in the US? I would love to try them out. Thanks! 
Absolute newbie question ??
another important issue, make sure you spin the right lps. Some records are just bad recording! 
I hope break in is true
after 10 years in audiophile, the answer is NO. 
Recommend relatively obscure high end tube preamps
Go with Emotive Audio Sira LE or the newest model, you will never EVER regret! 
Wanted:Warm, Sweet preamp.
I would strongly recommended Emotive Audio Sira LE, so warm and beautiful sound without high roll off.There's one currently for sale on Audiogon but way overpriced. 
Ok....Audiogoners: need some tube amp ideas
How about some other brand such as Art Audio, Mastersound, EAR...?I used to own VAC (all the top models) and never like their sound. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Bartok 44 Duos for 2 violin are great choice. Thanks for reminding, Rushton. 
So You Think You Know Your Mozart?
0/10 :(my computer doesn't have speakers! 
Quietest amp you ever owned ?
Art Audio PX25. The most "black" background. 
Tube fever...845 SET w/ Avalon
For 845 amp, I've tried many different. IMO, Mastersound Reference 845 is the best. I did compare this amp with Nagra, Cary, Dehavillen, Art Audio quartet.. etc. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Once again, Analog is the King. So beautiful and amazing:- Kyung-Wha-Chung/ Bach/ Parita No.2 in D Minor/The Super Analogue Disc/London Sterephonic/Japanese pressing/1974 Recording.All the 5 movement were just stunning. The string, strength, vibra... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Merry Christmas to all, might it'll be a warm and peaceful holiday season. For now: Albeniz Suite Espanola/Rafael Fruhbeck De Burgos conducting the New Philharmonia Orchestra/ The Super Analogue Disc from London Stereophonic/Japanese pressing........ 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Fritz Reiner/Chicago Symphony/ Manuel de Falla/ Lavida Brevewonderful......... The Spanish quality is made up of others in a very old amlagam, long since stablied.