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NJ Audio Society?
NJAS has a new president and new contact info. From now forward please address all questions to: Neal Patrone, email: Thank you. 
Listening Sessions Sanders ESL, VERITAS Monoblocks
FUN FUN FUN !!! We had a nice turnout for the first meeting of Merrill Audio. Music, conversation and good food. What else does an audiophile need? 
NJ Audio Society?
Check out Http:// 
2010 RMAF Analog Reports + Meet and Greet
Man it's getting to all I think about is this event! I will be interested in K&K's phono stage with Soundsmith's best cart in Analysis Audio's room - Bluebell. And High Water's room - 589 is always fun. Picked up some Jap pressings from Jeffre... 
Turntable isolation
I second trying the slightly deflated tire tube (12" from Walmart) or the squash balls in cups. Both are puting you TT on AIR. This is where all front end componenets belong. IMO 
Your definition of soundstage
From the OP's original comments about the differences between various speakers in his setup: "Each speaker that I've heard places the band in a different space. This can be front row, mid hall, lively, laid back, deep, in your face, etc." In my ex... 
PHK record cleaning machine
Looks interesting. Coming from Brazil I wonder how customer service will be? 
NJ Audio Society?
Hi Ray I sent you an email. 
battery powered with 'vivid' sound
Rotty, I believe these units are set up to charge when the power switch is turned off. So when the unit is turned on the charge mode is switched off. 
Tonearm re-wire - what would you use?
I did the Cardas rewire of my Rega RB250. It can be tedious to work with but well worth the effort. Which ever wire you decide on use the Eichmann Copper Bullets, they are an incredible upgrade to any interconnect. 
Meeting up at RMAF this year
The Lift Restaurant and Lounge at the Marriott is a great place to get together without leaving the venue. 
Upgrade Advice cart or phono pre amp
Knowing more about your current phonosatge and cartridge would help. 
NJ Audio Society?
We have a meeting this Sunday 1/18 in Branchburg. Email me and I'll send you a pdf of our newsletter with all the details. 
Need Help Systemdek and Grado Cart..Possible?
Have used an old Grado X.. on my XII when other carts have met with an untimely end. Now I use it on a direct drive Technics I use for travel(headfi meets)with no hum problems. 
10 Levels of Turntable Mastery
Where do the guys that can set VTA by ear fall into the list?