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Streamer only
I can strongly recommend an Innuos PULSE.  The accompanying Sense app is the icing on the cake.  Works flawlessly with Qobuz.  
What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.
I recently included a Chord TT2 into my system (replacing my Qutest). It's linked to an M-Scaler and the sound is great. Best sounding DAC I've ever owned.  
New streamer
I too own a Qutest and have paired it to an Innuos PULSE. Best combo ever. You won't regret it.  
Upgrade from Innuos Zen Mini Mkiii to Innuos Pulse
I can't comment on the upgrade itself as I never owned a Zen Mini but my experience with the Innuos PULSE has been great so far. My best ever sounding streamer. You won't regret it.  
Innuos and Roon?
I used to use Roon but no longer do so after I incorporated a PULSE into my system. Don't miss it either. The Sense app is great and is without a doubt better than Roon.  
New streamer
I own an Innuos Pulse, the best streamer I’ve ever owned. Your selections are all excellent but if your budget allows it, give the Pulse a consideration. The bonus is the excellent Innuos Sense app which allowed me to get rid of Roon. And their su... 
Streamer Comparison and Suggestions
I own a Pulse + Phoenix USB reclocker. The Sense app (running Qobuz) is very robust and it was so good that I got rid of Roon, especially as my system sounded better without it. The quality of the Innuos products is awesome that I can imagine the ... 
Adding a Phoenix USB?? How much will I notice??
I did find a difference with it in my system but only after some time. Initially, I wasn’t overwhelmed but then after a few days I disconnected it and it was clear that there was an obvious difference in transparency. It was like clearing out my e... 
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
I can vouch for the Innuos PULSE. Best streamer I’ve ever owned. The bonus is their Innuos Sense app (streaming Qobuz). Double bonus is their exceptional support. I’ve even gotten rid of Roon lately. Enjoy your journey!  
Apple iPad music streamer
Some time ago, I did use my iPad Pro with Qobuz. It was directly attached using a high-quality USB cable to my Chord Qutest DAC (later via a Chord M-Scaler), and it sounded great. However, I then replaced the iPad with a dedicated streamer and the... 
USB Reclocker
I recently purchased an Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker to fit in between my Innuos PULSE streamer and Chord M-Scaler (connected to a Chord Qutest DAC). It made a noticeable difference to the sound, and a more pleasing outcome than when I used a Dena... 
Help needed to sort out an annoying crackling/static issue with streamer
Just an update - my streamer issues are now fully resolved. The unit was swapped with a new one thanks to a sympathetic local distributor. But, unfortunately, the same crackling static sound was apparent in the new unit. So it’s clearly some compa... 
Help needed to sort out an annoying crackling/static issue with streamer
Thanks to everyone who provided advice!  Much appreciated.  To answer some specific queries above: @ghdprentice: the WiFi extender was an excellent suggestion. I did purchase one and, indeed, it appears the static sound isn't occurring quite as ... 
Help needed to sort out an annoying crackling/static issue with streamer
Yeah but I don't have an old streamer to check things, and would prefer to solve this matter myself as it's a huge hassle to return the unit. It's also unclear to me that the unit is truly defective. Clearly, it works fine under certain circumstan... 
Streaming Qobuz via iPad
Similar issue with me.  I was streaming wirelessly to a Musical Fidelity MX-Stream using my iPhone (12 Pro Max) with Roon (+ Qobuz) in full hi-res.  Ethernet and WiFi speed > 150 Mbits/sec. Everything sounded great but every so often there woul...