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Careful if buying Purist Audio Neptune fluid cables.
As someone who is looking to inject some warmth into their system I'm seriously considering the Purist Audio Poseidon speaker cables. My question is, should I be concerned by fluid leakage?  Or is it a very rare occurrence?  
Warming up digital in my setup
If you’re feeding the DAC via USB, then the Laboga Emerald is significantly warm and "analogue" compared to any other I’ve tried. A more expensive option is the Innuos Phoenix USB - this will bring benefits across the board, as well as taming the... 
USB cable
The best USB I've heard close to this price is the Laboga Emerald.  It's not the easiest to source, and judging by the absence of mentions on this forum, probably doubly so in the States. Of all the USB cables I trialled it's the warmest, most an... 
Audiophile fibre kits - worth it?
@sns I look forward to hearing your impressions of the Sonore, once bedded-in.  
Best Dedicated Streamer
I'm very happy with my Innuos Zenith Mk3, and adding the Phoenix USB has been hugely beneficial.  Both were bought recently, and even though I've been ripping my old CDs, I pretty much only listen now to Qobuz.  So, maybe it would have been wiser... 
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
Not sure how you feed the DAC, but the Innuos Phoenix USB has transformed my system. It creates a wonderful warm analogue sound  
Best budget USB
The slight irony here, given the fact I kicked off this thread, is that the Phoenix arrived three days ago and to get it up and running I plugged in the only USB I had to hand:. an Amazon Basics.  And it sounds fantastic!  Compared to the Zenith ... 
Best budget USB
@markiew good to know, about the Innuos cable. I've approached the dealer who sold me the used Phoenix, and despite them being an approved Innuos dealer they're refusing to make good the missing cable.  Needless to say I'm not happy with them.  
Best budget USB
Correction. This is the review I was referring to:   Apologies though.  I hate watching video reviews.  They are staggeringly boring and long-winded.  One would almost thing they're earning per word...  
Best budget USB
Thanks @vthokie83 . I found a video review of them here https://youtu.be/X3qicG6F2n0 It’s quite lengthy so best to scan read the transcripts. He does however appear to rate the Excalibur alongside the Curious cables, and better than the best Te... 
Best budget USB
I decided to give the new Supra Excalibur a go. I already have their Ethernet cable and like it very much. Plus, it'll be here tomorrow, unlike the Lavris which would be quite a wait.  I'll try it before and after the Phoenix. I would imagine the... 
Best budget USB
@soix , thanks very much for that recommendation.  Lavricables are new to me, and certainly seem to offer a lot of bang per buck.  Plus, also good to see it available in 0.5m  
Best budget USB
Thanks @ddd1  Just noticed they're also offering the new Supra Excalibur USB for £99  
Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up
Following the experience of someone on here (I forget who), I have tried the Eno connected directly from my Orbi satellite into the Zenith - ditching the TP-Link switch (with ifi power supply). And yes, very much so, the SQ was far better. Richer,... 
Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up
@fthompson251 ,  I discussed my setup with the Network Acoustics guys before purchasing the Eno.  The advice I got was to put any switch (doesn't have to be a fancy audiophile one) between your wifi router and the Eno.  The switch should have a de...