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best monitor available?
Having carefully researched this issue, i have a thorough understanding of most of the best monitors out. Here is a list of them.Sonus Faber Guaneri HomageSonus Faber ExtremaDynaudio Confidence 3sDynaudio 25th AnnDynaudio C2sTalon Peregine XTalon ... 
Use of Digital Amps: Need serious help
The volume control in both of these amps are digital. But none the less there appears to be no loss of data because the volume is regulated differently, while the data is PWM and not PCM anyways, digital amps in my experience sound like a mix betw... 
I need help, my system died
Definitely did not reverse the direction of my cables. They were left in place over the vacation and you really have to spend a lot of time to reverse 20ft cables. Also i checked to make sure that the phases were still proper and they are. Its ama... 
Getting into audio for around 3500$...problems...
I like rangersaudio suggestions a lot ... they are all spot on! 
Getting into audio for around 3500$...problems...
Well, where do i begin. The largest sound change i got from my system was when i upgraded my cd player to an audio aero capitole. Before this i never really thought cd players added that much to a system. So now one might think that cd players are... 
"Aesthetically pleasing" DAC???
the chord is a great reccomendation, absolutely beautiful and easily one of the best dacs for the money. 
rowland 12 owners
Levinson 37/360s -> nordost quattro fil -> bat vk40se nordost valhalla -> the rowland 12s -> nordost valhalla -> utopias. 
Talon Khorus - Why So Many So Cheap?
About 4 iterations ... 3 main ones with a smaller one in between. 
Talon Khorus - Why So Many So Cheap?
The talons recreate the music more realistically than other speaker i have heard. Now the jm labs have a very different presentation they create huge thin but still rich sound. The talon sound is creamy and buttery but still oh so clear. The sound... 
$3000 MF a3.2 seperates or Arye Integrated or ?
MF Nu-Vista M3 integrated, amazing! 
Mark Levinson preamp no. 38 vs 38s vs 380 vs 380s
Try running direct from the 390s to the evo, if you want a rich midrange go with a rowland amp. 
Talon Khorus - Why So Many So Cheap?
The peregrine Xs were easily highly competetive with jm labs utopias in my system, and i am big fan of both speakers. Its a toss up concerning which pair i would take. Honestly i think the talons are amazing for the money. 
Plinius 8200 Mk II vs. MF Nu Vista M3/MF A 308
I'd get the m3 i think its a lot better than the a308 as it has chokes and higher quality parts. Lastly check out smjason's system on audiogon's virtual system he has the exact same system as you, maybe you should ask him for help. He is very know... 
Who is the Youngest Audiogoner??
I am 20 but came here when i was 18, still looks like jcdem beats us all 
$2000 CDP for Rock Music????
No you would never want to get a preamp. I know people who own the audio aero and sold their LAMM L2 reference preamp. The L2 is actually a really good preamp for 13k better than most of the others at that price. So one could say that you are gett...