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Help finding a remote for an Audio Aero Capitole CDP
@jetter in the future, I will purchase an extra remote!   
Help finding a remote for an Audio Aero Capitole CDP
Thank you @dekay!  I will get in touch with them.  
Clayton Audio - Alive and very well
Wilson Shen is definitely servicing his amplifiers.  I purchased a pair of his M100’s, and immediately sent them to him (yes, in St. Louis).  He got them back to ‘new spec’ status, and I asked him to replace the red led’s with blue ones, probably ... 
Looking for Speaker Recommendations
Undoubtedly, you would be happy with Legacy speakers.  I own a pair of Legacy Focus SE’s, and the are exactly what you are looking for.  Full range, wonderful ribbon tweeters (top end is smooth, but extended), beautiful midrange, and bottom end th... 
Full range speaker recommendation
Legacy Audio Signature SE’s.      
Receiving my Townshend Audio Podiums Monday. How to?
Thanks to you all for the suggestions.   My main concern is once I have the speakers on the podiums, how to best make small adjustments to either toe-in, or location (I don’t think that makes me “extremely compulsive”).  I do plan on, as suggeste... 
Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?
Without hesitation, Audible Illusions L3A!  
High Fidelity Cables?
It really saddens me that (if) HFC is really out-of-business.  It all started with me with the original CT-1 interconnect (which I still have).  Everything, and I mean everything that I purchased from HFC made my system better.  Even their entry l... 
How long do you or should you keep your gear.
That’s an easy one….until I get the itch to buy something else.  
Does Anyone Know What is Up with High Fidelity Cables?
It is frustrating.  However, I keep in touch with Casey, and he keeps me informed as to my order.  He’s a top-notch guy.  I’m sure, after their 60% off sale, that they are swamped.  For myself, I’m willing to wait, as all of their products are rev... 
RCA interconnect recommendation
If you can stretch your budget, my recommendation is, unquestionably, High Fidelity Cables. Their ‘Reveal’ line is their entry point, but they are killer.  
Audio Aero Capitole CDP Remote
@jafant  thanks! 
Audio Aero Capitole CDP Remote
Thanks @noromance.  I did see this, but I’m hoping to find an actual ‘Audio Aero’ remote (like the one that I have), and not a TV remote (like this one), that will work for the Capitole.  However, if I can’t find an Audio Aero remote, I will get t... 
New cables - To judge now or after burn in period?
It’s easy…if they sound good ‘out of the box’, then let ‘em brake-in.  If they don’t, move on. 
First tube preamp recommendations (under $5k)
Audible Illusions.  L3A (which is what I own) or the newer L3B.  These are line stage only, that use only 2 6H23 tubes. Or, if you want phono stage included, M3A, or the newer M3B (4 6H23 tubes).ive owned my L3A now for about 5 years, and have not...