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AV Receiver recommends
I liked the Anthem a lot better than either the Arcam or Cambridge and I like the fact that Anthem is part of Paradigm and I could avail myself of its service network were I ever to encounter an issue. 
Johnny Winter
They don't make albinos like that anymore!! 
Best cable for Cavalli Liquid Fire/Audeze LCD-3?
I love my Moon Silver cable between my Burson amp and my LCD2 headphones. Good sound and a huge improvement over the stock cable. 
Toslink versus HDMI for two channel audio
Basically, any 1.3 or 1.4 compliant HDMI cable will be a huge upgrades over almost any toslink. I've blue jeans cables at about $25 per and they're terrific. 
Wife stepping on speaker wire
Seems like a fairly passive aggressive set of responses. 
Wife stepping on speaker wire
Set out orange cones in the room. 
HDMI Audioquest vs Bluejean
I was pressured into buying AQ HDMI cables when upgrading my TV. Absolutely no sound difference between the $200 Audioquest cable and the $29 Bluejeans cable when used in my 5.1 HT system. 
OpenReelRecords : new titles on the market ...
Perhaps the new business line after this one will be HD 8-tracks.Just think if the Greeks default on their debts, 245 Euro will equal about 12 US Dollars. 
What to do with bad recorded CDs
Coasters to prevent rings on wooden tables or string them on a dock to keep seagulls away 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
Miles Davis. 
Tidal vs. Spotify
The press for the great unwashed (a/k/a folks who don't worry about the pros and cons of AIFF v. WAV formats a/k/a 99% of the marketplace) hasn't been kind to Tidal. I saw this piece on today: 
Ring Clamps. What do you think?
Nipple clamps are a lot cheaper. 
Got my Pono
Does the Pono require or benefit from break-in? 
USB cable hype
I have two extra pair of Wireworld Starlight and one Pangea AG USB cable. I cannot tell the difference between these and the basic monoprice cables except that the more expensive ones seem more sturdy. Sound-wise, not a whit of difference. I wish ... 
Dolo Coker
I think he's forming a trio with Stoner and Boozer.