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Were any of you taping concerts circa 1972-88?
check out: 
Just Turned 50...
64 and glad every birthday rolls happy your 50, think of the alternative. Happy b-day 
Suggest new bands to listen to
mumford & sonsfelice brothersavett brothersgreat big seaalberta crossingjohnny flynnrural alberta advantagephosporescentray lamontagneto name a few I'vebeen listening lately 
Favourite ECM Titles
For those of you who like Anouar Brahem you should check out Dhafer Youssef..a great oud player and unique vocalist. 
Best rock song of all times
agree..all along the watchtower..a close second would be sultans of swing 
Most sophisticated and intelligent musician
I have to agree with Gawdbless. It takes a genius to stay alive living the way Shane MacGowan does. Drugs and alcohol24/7. 
Great Lost Lps...
supersessions-bloomfield,koopersantana- 1st albumbutterfield blues band-east/westjohn mayall-turning pointcoltrane- olecodona-1,3thanks for reminding me of some great memories 
Mark Knopfler live recordings
go to download all the mk/ds live shows you like.He's good about sharing his shows..just don't sell any on ebay. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
American tavern...solon, ohio....great grilled onions 
Favourite ECM Titles
Steve Tibbetts with CHOYING DROLMA vocals w/ NAGI GOMPA NUNS ,She donates the money from their shows to her school inNepal. Here is her website. 
Music from House, MD
band funkadelic..guitarist..eddie hazel 
How large is your music collection?
I have app. 2000 cds..99% are live shows that I have traded for with traders from around the world.All the bands allow for recording and trading but no selling of their shows. Music is mostly european jazz,world, classic rock and jam bands and the... 
The pizza tapes
try some:LAURENCE JUBAR. guy is amazing ,IMO JANSCH 
Salif Keita
Sorry spelling error ,should read:Geoffrey Oryema 
Salif Keita
Here's a few more African musicians to try out:1.Habib Koite... Toure... Ogada..