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Best integrated tube amp for 3A MM deCapo i?
Eastern Electric M520 integrated made these speakers sing, and don't you know I wish I still had them as they are marvelous!! The amp uses el34's, the best of which I found were Ei 6AC7's, much better than NOS Mullards. Good luck 
Vintage Stereo System Appraisal
From the Tuner info website, Foster Blair is probably your man:Foster Blair rebuilds and repairs all types of vintage Scott equipment, including amplifiers, tuners, multiplex units, and the hardest to work on, tube receivers. He has over 35 years ... 
no excitement from my Cambridge 840 cd
I thought the big deal with this CDP was it's internal Wolfson DAC's...if not, it's not much of a robust transport. 
no excitement from my Cambridge 840 cd
Pretty much my feeling on it, except I found it to be much more of a 'digital' sound than my rig, a Denon 1560 as transport and an ART DI/O modded DAC by Boulder cable....I keep trying to kick that combo to the curb, but it has staying power!! Goo... 
Need MM phono stage under $300
Graham Slee SE is my suggestion...used it should be a little less than $300, fwiw it was a TAS recommended component up until this year, and reviews are numerous.Good luck, oh, and it can do high output MC as well. 
Jazz Beat record label?
I've picked up a few from them, Half price books I presume, and they sound very good....awhile back they had some that were new but not sealed, they as well were excellent.The Miles release you mention sounds better than a re-issue I recently pick... 
Lost - Your combined experience required
Buy a a pair of Paul Spietz' Anti-Cables here used, should be cheap by comparison to what some of the previous folks have suggested....if you don't like them, you can sell for the same price and you're out NOTHING...at least that way you've tried ... 
Budget upgrade from Denon 1940ci DVD/CD?
Scott Nixon makes some great DAC's, probably beat the pants off the Dac Magic piece from what I've read. 
Budget tables
Luxman made some great tables with very good arms stock that certainly won't break the bank....they're relatively unknown in the US. 
Upgrading interconnects, where to start
What are you upgrading too? Many voodoo ultra high cost cables out there that don't make sense to me, but hey, not my cash. 
Hi Output MC cartridge recommendations?
Luxman PD 277 table that has a Micro Seiki arm, Graham Slee SE 2 phono pre. Currently using a Sumiko Pearl MM cartridge. 
GEM Dandy Record Cleaner - Has Anyone Tried It ?
Can't argue with it's results, especially on mold, absolutely no 'water' problems, and I have the hardest water available, just dry it off with the diapers. It helps to have a DEEP sink, or use it outside with the garden hose....I don't find it ta... 
Quality required to hear vinyl
Bill, what system components are you using now for digital?My first suggestion is to take your favorite two cd's, then buy the same records, and take them into an audio shop that will let you listen to them ad nauseum, and then decide if you think... 
Current Inexpensive CD Vs High Priced 90's
Totally unimpressed with the Oppo unit .... note the reviews on it are using the HDMI output ONLY, analogue outs are terrible, and using it as a transport, I found, was marginal. You'd be better off with an old Denon from the early 90's as a trans... 
Suggestions for 'filling the port' of bass reflex
Thanks for the suggestions...I don't want to completely cut off the port, then I'd have little bottom end. I'm stuck with them in the position they currently are, a little more than 1.5 meters/4 ft from the back wall. I think the Dacron suggestion...