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best interconnects and power cables for Ayre
Thanks. I have Merlin speakers. I do use the D1 for video as well, but I agree it can be bettered. What about power cables ? 
best preamp for ayre mxr
Thanks to all. Well, I went for the kxr... really great match, and an even better buy than the mxr... 
Power conditioner with Ayre amps
the L5 works nicely with Ayre gear 
Ayre KX-R pre?
Great. May I ask what you are upgrading from ? I have a K1xe and MXRs... Thanks 
Ayre KX-R pre?
Any new news on that pre amp ? thks 
Good match for Merlin?
sudden doubt Bobby, reading that post of yours: should i use your rc (the yellow stuff right) with my Ayre gear ?thks 
Ayre D1 vs C5
Quite useful, thanks ! 
Good match for Merlin?
Also: what was the effect of the evolution thing on your Ayre gear ? thks. 
best speakers for Ayre amps ?
Went for Merlins. Very happy that I did ! Thanks for your insights. 
Good match for Merlin?
I have a D1x, K1x, V5x, just bought a pair of Merlin VSM-MM. After a long wait to get them, and a long break in period (100 hours so far, not finished), I can tell you the results are nothing short of amazing. Such precision and resolution, while ... 
What do you do with Ayre?
try Cardas golden ref, yes, but also JPS... 
Amps/Preamps for Avalon Ascendant
Well, if you like liquid sounds, do try the Ayre K1x... Not sure you can find better for that ! Plus a great match for the V5-x, obviously. 
best cables and tweaks for Ayre
Thanks guys for your insights.LP 
Meridian 508.20 to 508.24, how can I tell??
Send a mail to Meridian with the serial number, they will answer (besides, you may have requested the receipt for the upgrade from the seller...) 
Audiomeca vs. Audio Aero
Well, I have heard the Accuphase and Audio Aero in my system. My point of view is simple: I did not give a second thought to the Accuphase, which I found had a very peculiar (very Accuphase, I am told) kind of sonic signature. Very flattering, tho...