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Streamer Comparison and Suggestions
I use an Auralic G2.1, very solid,  can’t go wrong with the G2.2 if I had unlimited funds I might consider a Grimm Audio MU-1  
Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K
Topping Pre90 for less than a grand, great sound  
Time To Upgrade My Digital Front End
Try the Auralic Aries G1.1, well inside your budget, or an Aries G2.2, about a grand over, but first class sound  
Best Full-Function Preamplifier
A no compromise solution demands separates. For $20k (I assume USD) you could go Pass Labs XP22 line stage preamp and XP17 phono stage  
Cable elevators
Supreme example of snake oil  
Streamer+R2R dac+True balanced Class A preamp all-in-one?
May not be R2R, but I don’t think that should stop you, but the Auralic Vega G2.1 (and now G2.2) pretty much fits the bill. Analog volume control, class A preamps, Streams most things.  
Linn LP12 & Miyajima Madake or ?
Dyna DVxx2 Mk2 for me. Works wonderfully on my LP12 rig  
CD Transport with XLR Out
Used Oppo BDP-95 or similar  
Parasound to Pass Upgrade
@audphile1 Dont think you’ll have a problem with the X260.8. The larger XÁ models might be a different story and of course the XS.  
Parasound to Pass Upgrade
My X260.8’s get warm in use, but I wouldn’t say they get hot.  
Storage boxes. Can I discard high end shipping boxes, and still sell in the future?
Will never be worth paying several hundreds/mth in storage fees for original boxes  
Tim Bachman of BTO passed at 71
He didn't pass, he died or he is dead, take your pick. Don't like skirting around the subject matter with niceties.  
Ripping CD's to hard drive
Well, whether CDs are ripped to mp3 or 44/16 matters to me. I have a range of CD rips which I’ve put into a NAS library, including a number of old CD rips.    I have since been listening to all of these files being played back on a highly resolvi... 
Ripping CD's to hard drive
I can’t believe that some are talking about ripping to mp3!? I don’t even rip to FLAC, I choose AIFF or WAV. I mean, storage is not a problem, so why bother with FLAC. If you can’t hear the difference between mp3 and a lossless file type, you need... 
What is the current retail cost of your reference system?
All AUD current RRP, except t/t, all up $98k T/T $12k Phono pre $2.5k Streamer $9k DAC $18.5k Preamp $13.5k Poweramps $25k Speakers $14k  Cables ~$3k