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How to get the impact of a live concert?
Deadlyvj---well put! 
How to get the impact of a live concert?
One may get close to the live impact...but will never truly get there with today sources. There are many home speakers that can reproduce live dynamics if you put a band in the middle of them (lascalas, khorns, and many other horn speakers).NO ONE... 
Is the Classe Cap-101 enough for Totem Arros?
NAD C272 is an excellent match with the arros. The Classe is to laid back for the silk dome tweeters IMO. Plinius sounds sweet on totem gear as always...but can get pricy of course 
Harbeth Compact 7 or Merlin TSM
Bobby- I owned the VSM-M with a Super BBam so it was an older model...I am sure the newer versions are in a different league. Because of this I should have mentioned the model of VSM I owned. 
Harbeth Compact 7 or Merlin TSM
The 300B may have trouble driving the Harbeths...its something to look into if you want to keep using that amp. Maybe some people that own that speaker can comment on that.I have experience with some other Harbeth models and have owned Merlin VSMs... 
DAC 3-4k range
do consider the ARC DAC8...its an excellent piece and Im pretty sure it has balanced outs. 
New Speakers for $2000
As a fellow student, I encourage you to buy used. I love supporting the dealers and the companies, but we have plenty of time to do that after we graduate...I listen to jazz, classical, classic rock, and metal. It is next to impossible to find a s... 
Mini Maggies ?
Yyz--I do not know the answer to your question about the hight of the bass panel. My logic does tell me that it must be between the speakers for best performance since I can imagine it would have a high crossover frequency. Maplegrovemusic--I am s... 
Mini Maggies ?
have only heard these speakers at a local hifi shop. They were hooked up with a 60 Watt Rotel integraded and a Rotel CD player wired with transparent. First listening impression was the massive soundstage and realistic imaging that these speakers ... 
What do you like in an inexpensive tube integrated
Also check out the Conrad Johnson CAV-50. Killer little amp!! 
I need speakers for low volume listening -
another vote for harbeth speakers. Very full sounding at lower volumes unlike most speakers their size/efficiency!! 
Efficient speakers with high powered ss amp?
Actually to directly answer your first question, it also depends on the amplifiers. Some high powered amps have nice sounding first watts where else some need to be driven harder. Best way to know is to hook-em up! 
Efficient speakers with high powered ss amp?
Both efficient and low efficient speakers have the ability to sound excellent if set up correctly. It is likely that your amplifier will perform better with low to average efficiency speakers. The 98 dB speaker will only demand the first few watts... 
Turn off pop
probably needs to be recapped. sounds like a discharge issue or abnormal amounts of dc offset. 
How Many Audiophiles Have Do You Know?
Im 23 years old, I have been in this hobby for about 6 years. I have meet one other true audiophile randomly. He was my calculus 2 professor. One day he starting talking about vinyl vs sacd vs cd. Everyone did not know what he was talking about, b...