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Funk Essentials - Under The Radar
did i miss it?tower of power? 
Any smooth jazz fans out there?
why is it considered jazz?why should anyone "zip it" 
Taylor Swift
if you like it,what else matters? 
Avalon Opus with Marantz PM-11S2
i would suggest "pdreher" has no clue as to the quality of the marantz pm-11,both in sound or excellent choice.i own one,and have owned some of the supposed best. 
totem arro drivers
if a problem can be determined to be a manufacture defect and item is in warranty period,what harm is it to a dealer if totem stands behind ther there a down-side.i think they could learn a lesson from some-one like gary at placette audio. 
totem arro drivers
found mb was not maker of this woofer.had to buy direct from totem distributor.surround on spkr.seperated from basket,appeared to be manufacture fault.totem was un-willing to help in any way.spkr.was still in 5 yr.warranty time,althought i was not... 
The old timers give the young'ns tips on the 60s.
"fanny adams",only one album made i think.check it out. 
Any Jonathan Kreisberg fans here?
his album "south of everywhere"is a must for jazz fans.will certainly check out your pick. 
Outriggers: Soundocity only game in town?
i own a machine shop.any-one on this site can contact me to quote and manufacture any thing you desire.i have made cones,out-riggers,stands,machined face-plates,built spkrs,tone-arms,turntable plinthes,bearings,etc.all rlated to this hobby.let me ... 
An Advent Guy
picked up apair for 10.00.had woofers refoamed,60.00.i haved owned some very nice spkrs,up to vandy 5,s.the advents are amazing.makes me wonder how much advancement has truly been made in sound quality from general,and at such current hig... 
Rogue Sixty-six or Conrad-Johnson PV-12 ?
fwiw,the c-j will probably hold it's value a little better over time. 
Louis Bellson RIP
take a listen to "Ellington Uptown",fantastic drumming,maybe his best. 
Anybody using a Marantz PM-11s1
this is one of the most under-rated marantz products.have had jc-1s,c.j using with sa-1cd,gallo3,proac 2,5 and vandy 5's.if you can get one for under 2000,buy. 
Good product for cleaning nickle plated chrome
nitric acid if you can get it.use sparingly with rubber gloves.wipe with water not let acid sit on item for any length of time.avoid fumes.not for the timid. 
To those who've tkn Vandersteen 5A upgrade plunge
maineiac,i have seen 5a's sell on this site for as little as 7500.00.[only once,sold instantly].