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What time do you wear?
A Tag Formula .I had an Omega seamaster never worn.Beautiful piece. The Tag has performed , mechanicly well,outside, wear is evident though 
Who is using passive preamps and why?
i settled on Axiom,s passive pre.I,ve a ar l/s2 Special 2 of a kind modded piece. Great sound.Bested forte 40,rotel 1098,& the ar,also a techs super piece .Mated with the rite cables,crisp, clear sounds.very life like.Try the modded,I wish I had 
Girlfriends and wifes, how do YOU cope?
I am blessed. My wife says nothing when the music is being played at a high volume.She,s not into music at all, but is tiered of hearing Eric Clapton&Phil Collins.The detail in the music, cannot be denied and she puts up with it.It helped that... 
Help with passive preamp
give axiom,s pass.pre a try ,the sound is incredible. Good hearing to you 
Outstanding brands?
Marantz?Maybe in the day.It appears they are interesteed in looks though. 
Your First Concert was.....
ZZ top & James Gang in Tulsa, Emerson,lake & Palmer Brain salad surgery in Quad is the I remember 
Why did I get married?
If I refereed to my wife as old lady,things could get a lot worse.She never was into sounds,but she listens with me in the stereo/tv room.I got a concert block on my floor.Of coarse I quit spending money there was an improvement .I,ve been blessed... 
Underappreciated components.
I heard Home Depot is the place for speaker cable. RMV passive.the axiom w/cadd upgrade sounds almost identical to the modded ar/ls2 I had to have.Lots of great DIY cables here on this site. How about most overpriced/hyped component?hum 
vibration controll
My speakers are on tv tray tops.They were just taking up space.I had a nice 5/8 hose.I cut pieces and all the gear has them under.Concrete cinder block? 2 amps & deck setting on a unused cutting board,setting on top of a cinder block. It is ab... 
Best bargain you've ever missed out
Craigs list Marantz 2375 $25.My wife would of still of said something. I didnt recognize the #.I saved $25,but couldn,t go wrong 
marantz 11s2 sacd player modifications
So a couple years ago RAM was slow getting a piece back to you? I,ve recently had my deck modded also. great sound, great work,in and out.Kyle is very easy to work with. He can answer all your questions. Good Luck 
When did you ever hear a system sound so life-like
the pieces are 79dvideck modded ,the AXIOM pass/pre w/cad upgrade.supra 1.6 speaker& link 100 rca.KG4,s,however during repair,a $50 pair of manchester,4 speaker floor standers w blown surrounds,sound pretty good,almost life like 
Please Help Me, I'm Lost
I too was once lost ,but now I am found. Thats the good news. To think You,d have to spend 2 to 3 thousand to get to a starting point?A marantz?Great looking product. What will be your main listening?2 channel,5.1,7.1,& beyond.Your deck may do... 
When did you ever hear a system sound so life-like
I hear it every time I put on a cd.Eric Clapton Unplugged.If you were to sit down and close your eyes,It would be easy to see yourself, front and center. .Allman bros @Fillmore East.another cd that sounds incredible.BE THERE (demo cd us... 
Tekton Kat's Meow
there are so many great speakers housed in some really expensive digs.Wouldnt it be nice to hear them as designed ,outside of the box.I may drive from S.Cal to hear for myself there are some interesting products.Should not everyone hear the GOOD N...