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Any feedbacks on the JBL S4700?
So, did you end up liking them after some time? 
Harbeth M30.1 vs Tannoy Turnberry SE.
Okay Okay, I updated my system, although I have no good pics to share at this point...Anyway, to tell the truth I really loved my Harbeths - they had a very nice, laid back and "easy to listen to all day" sound that was truly excellent with acoust... 
Harbeth M30.1 vs Tannoy Turnberry SE.
Can you listen to both? If not, then buy the one you can listen to (assuming you like it)For myself, I have owned the Harbeth SHL5 and really enjoyed them, until I heard the horns I now own :)I haven't heard the Turnberry but have heard a few othe... 
where to go after Harbeth SHL-5
I went from SHL5 to JBL/Altec horns, and will never look back! Yes, it was a 180 degree turn, and at times I miss my Harbeths, but the dynamics and detail afforded by the horns, as well as the ability to use great sounding 1.5 watt SET amps really... 
James Burgess
My burgess is a 45 based SET amp, and I love it. As long as I have my horns, I will be listening to this awesome amplifier. James is a great designer/builder, and a real gentleman too.Byron 
Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?
My main problem is that there is very little new Jazz and especially classical music being released on vinyl (don't have an SACD player)While I can't really say what is good or bad taste (I like a LOT of different music), it would be nice if the p... 
Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?
I can completely enjoy good music when it plays on my a.m. radio in the really doesn't matter to me because good music touches parts of my brain no matter how it is presented, including even some old classic journey tunes...I also like h... 
Shindo pre + buget amp or Leben amp + budget pre
By the way, the MM phono stage on the Shindo preamps is also quite good. The problem with the Aurieges is that it has a higher output impedance than the other Shindos, making it a more difficult pre to match amps with (especially Solid State). The... 
Melos SHA-gold photentiometer replacement DIY
If you're 'rather clueless' and do not own a DMM, I am not sure you should be performing these mods could do your amp, or worse, yourself, quite a bit of damage.Just sayin'...byron 
Is ASIO4all really for all music servers?
The main benefits of ASIO are for earlier versions of windows where the OS audio layer did terrible things to audio. The audio stack was re-written for windows Vista and is far better.I doubt you'd see many benefits in using ASIO...WASAPI is now t... 
Anybody own any direct-to-disc LP's?
Another great D2D album is "Just Friends" by LA4 (Ray Brown et al)Fantastic recording, as is the "For Duke" previously mentioned...b 
Lyra Delos or Transfiguration Axia or ?
I agree wholeheartedly about the delos..I have been running mine in for about a's stunning-good. Light years ahead of the dynavector 17D3 I was using. I wonder how much better the kleos is - must...fight...upgrade...bug..cheers,byron 
Music server/Windows Media Center PC--possible?
My own impression is that on Windows you don't want to use either iTunes or WMC. If they're apple lossless, just use a player like Foobar2000. It handles almost any format and if you have a card with wasapi drivers, you're golden. 
Anyone using a Lyra Delos yet?
Jonathan,Thanks for your thoughts and input. I received my Delos the other day and installed it on my RB300 last night. All I can say so far is, wow, great job!Very dynamic and balanced, much more than previous cartridges such as the Argo (which I... 
Anyone using a Lyra Delos yet?
Hi Jonathan,Thanks for all the information regarding the Delos.Just a question- how well do you think the Delos would work with the 47 Labs PhonoCube? It is a current amplifier and currently I am using it with my Dyna 17D3..It sounds great, but th...