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Step Down Transformer
Hi Gary,I don´t know Voyd turntables, just that the company was bought by Audio Note, so I guess that Peter Q knows it better than me ... BUT:I have read in their webpage that AN tables have AC-synchronous motors. These AC motors vary their speed ... 
3 words about a great amp:natural, clean, relaxed. 
Zu on Zu
Dear Warrenh, looking at your system, it MUST have great deep bass, your Definition speakers have a wide range from 16 to 20 HERTZ ;) 
Zu on Zu
The Druids main driver seems to work with any good amp you hook them. My impression is that they work very fine with medium power amps, say 15-50 watts.Its supertweeter reveals everything upstream. Frankly, I think the Druids lie in the sweet spot... 
Zu on Zu
After 168 posts about Zu Druids bass response, I still have 3 doubts:DOES UPS REACH 35 HZ IN ROOM?DOES FEDEX USE CROSSOVERS?IS THERE ANY FULL RANGE DRIVER (MARS INCLUDED) REACHING 20-20K HZ? (heck, I can´t even hear higher than 17k and my room can... 
Cartridge Man MM3 vs. ZYX R100 Fuji FS?
Socoaste, I´ll try soon to combine MM-OL and 901-hadcock.I don´t have time these days to do that, maybe in a week or so 
Cartridge Man MM3 vs. ZYX R100 Fuji FS?
Have not heard the Fuji, but in my system, with a Music Maker III, Hadcock 242, Spacedeck and Acoustech Ph1 pre, there is full bass, rich midrange and great musical sense.I also have a Shelter 901 and Origin Live Illustrious that I bought second h... 
question to Plinius Amp owner
Easy, AB mode = less heat and less electrical comsuption, AB mode is fine for casual listenings, for example. 
Hadcock arms
I´ve just installed a 242 w/ incognito wire from Audiofeil, and it works fine with my spacedeck.Installation is a matter of patience. It took me about 4 hours to read the manual and do the job. If I could do it, anybody can.The current cartridge i... 
Cary SLP 2002 or Joule LA 100 Mk III or?w/PassX250
SLP2002 gain is very high.If you mate it with a low sensitivity poweramp, then you will have too much gain in small-medium size rooms. This means that you cannot easily regulate the volume control because it will be too high.You can also lower the... 
Amp suggestions to mate with EAR 864 pre
I mate it with a Plinius SA102 (via XLR) with nice results. 
Help with new Nottingham Spacedeck
Assuming the other setup is OK, check VTA. 
Amps from New Zealand
I was offered a Plinius SB300 in July/03, almost a year ago. I live in Spain and don´t consider "It has only just come out here in New Zealand"Finally I bought a SA102, a horrible sounding class A amplifier that makes me very happy.Am I biased tow... 
Do all Cary amps have a 'Cary' sound ?
IMHO and short experience Cary amps have a certain "house" sound on the warm and pleasure side. Of course there is variation between a 300B SET and a V12 push pull, they are different ways to work, but always keeping the warmth. 
Question for Van Alstine hybrid amp owners
In my experience, VA amp FET 350EX isn´t the most extended on highs, but its upper mids aren´t rough at all.They are not very sensitive to tube rolling, you might use standard tubes and the sound is very very close to NOS.If you like the amps, I w...