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Coda #8, Pass XA25, or Schiit Tyr to replace PS Audio M700
Musical fidelity the mx8i or the Gato dia 400s.  
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
Not always is a modification a good modification.  
Could Class D really be that good?
The gato dia 400s class d very good.   
PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound
A question, have somebody use a power stabilizer in his system?      
Kids, Dogs, and Speakers
Magnepan nice for the cats and the kids.  
Amp — Leave on or turn off
Hilde your croissant is fresh or a day before?  
Maggies and subwoofer integration
Than at least the dmw panels from magnepan.  
Maggies and subwoofer integration
What's the worst speaker or stereo set-up you've ever seen? Intergrate a subwoofer with maggies ;)  
Maggies and subwoofer integration
Never but never use a sub with magnepan i have all mine live magnepan the mg20 the 3.7 the lrs and now the 1.7i. magnepan have the most natural instrumental low you can imagine. The most people wants a pump low and thats full the complete room tha... 
Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers
I have in the past Conrad J, krell,cello, musical fidelity and since a couple of months the gato dia 400s. I am very satisfied how good it is.  
Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations
Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations
Class D, "Control (Variable Gain)," Amplifier versus Class A/B Separates?
The Gato dia 400s number one class D. I have in the past cello,conrad,krell but the gato is one of the best. And for his price.  
High end Class D amps?
In the passed i had conrad johnson,krell and at least cello duet and the encore pre. Now i have the gato 400s class D with the magnepan 1.7i i can say it is a very good amp. For me at the moment fir his price the number 1.  
Hegel comparison
I was also looking at the hegel h390 at the end i go home with the gato 400s.