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Help me to tame brightness
Stehno, I do use API Power Wedge 114 power conditioner. Appreciate your comments. Regards. 
Medieval-style music
I don't know if this qualify, but anyway- Ritchie Blackmore's Blackmore's Knight. I have four of their recordings and recently saw them live in concert- absolutely stunning. Regards. 
DVD/CD/SACD player advice needed
Bradz, I like Panasonic very much so far. It's amazing with DVD (BTW I bought Philips 963 SA),Very good with cable digital channes, not so good with the analog ones (you know their quality is crap), and again it's very, very good with HDTV channel... 
wall- mounting surrounds
Thank you all for your responses, but I think some clarification is in order: when I said I didn't want to use stands, I really meant the floor stands. What I'm looking for is the shelf- type wall mount, so I can just stand speaker ON it. Regards. 
Which artists do you just not get?
I'll second the following:Dave Matthew'sJazzKissAerosmithRAP- terrible, is that even a music?, what a profanation, and look at the kind of money all these "artists" making.Speaks a lot about current tastes in music. I'm wondering if Rock'n'Roll ev... 
floorstanders on carpet over concrete
One comment about my speakers placement- the basement is inverse L-shaped with the listening room occupying short part (17x21 ft.),which places the right speaker near the long wall, with the open space to the left of the left speaker. The distance... 
floorstanders on carpet over concrete
I don't use any Power Line conditioning now, only a dedicated lines. Yesterday I tried to switch to my "old" lines, following the Tireguy's advise- didn't make any difference bass-wise. 
How can I improve my HT audio?
You can try DefTech 2006 TL for your L/R, list $1200 new. They are great for HT application and have integrated powered sub, BTW. I auditioned them with McIntosh amplification against Paradigm Ref. 100v2,which I ended up buying (primarily for musi... 
Paradigm Reference Studio vs. B&W N804
Yes, I did buy the Paradigms- and I like the sound so far ( maybe because it's Canadian all around, except the Sony), but kidding aside Paradigm had 100 V.2 powered by Anthem electronics at the last Home Entertainment Show in New York, which drew ... 
What's your profession? Age?
It appears that some of the esteemed members might benefit from psychotherapy (or medications even)- just kidding. But, really, the whole "aidiophile" phenomenon is quite interesting. Look at the spending patterns for instance- people do spend up ... 
What's your profession? Age?
It's very interesting, that there are no doctors here, even though it's one of the professions where someone is likely to be wealthy (I gather it's a time deficit issue). I'm 43, physician (psychiatrist), married two children- just starting (again... 
Foundation for the equipment rack on carpet
Appreciate your advices, still I would like to know your opinions on setting the rack on a slab of stone placed ON the carpet. Regards. 
Does Bryston SP-1 have 6 analog inputs ?
Thank you all for the response. I did contact Bryston, and yes they are very prompt at responding back, the answer was short though- SP-1 does NOT have analog pass through, SP-1.7 does. Your point Texan is well taken, I guess I should contact Brys...