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Absorbing traffic noise with Helmholtz resonators (video)
I am glad there are educated people in this area to help us enjoy the music thanks.  
20 Years?
I'm a Newby only a few years .worked to hard but enjoy the site thanks for those who make it run.  
Yes, cables do make a difference -- regardless of price...
Now about that car thing analogy I have the stress reliever of doing the open road challenges.there are 5 in America 2 in Texas 2 in Nevada and 1 in Nebraska. The dep of transportation shuts the road down for most of the day.there is a course work... 
Yes, cables do make a difference -- regardless of price...
I think size matters I am 10 gauge kind of professor.but there are some that claim the majority of electrons hover on the outside wires mostly.bigger has less what about shielding copper. braided aluminum ect.solid wire verses stran... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
I always buy it used then it's already broken in even if it's speakers.thats immediate gratifaction.hope it's not an imitation.the real deal  
How does bi-wiring work?
I have separate amps some for base some for mid some for high on electronic crossover.tri amp in mono disadvantage is 6 amps for 2 speakers no cross taLk  
How does bi-wiring work?
Some people believe the base gives feedback in to the highs this why some designers bi wire the proper way. One set for base one for highs  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I luv my vmps 40 and the towers I have they were are a good bang for the have to like ribbons. We're I am the are no stores so I have to gamble.i. have never sent anything back to crutchfield. And some other places that he¬† 60 day return.... 
"Happy To Be Stuck With You!!!"
I have the b&w 800 matrix bought used they are great.and the salon first Gen they are Harmon the reviews talk about the sound rooms and development and engineers .alot of smart people at jbl.  
Smaller plug-in AC Purifiers -- Shunyata, iFi, Puron...something else? What do you like?
I do like the big units due to volt reg max min and surge protection it has save big bucks on shutdown during stoms.they live to sing another day.  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
Crutchfield and others offer returns my guess have to pay shipping .I do buy a lot of opene box that people must not have liked.other dealers offer same thing wish Mac did that more for people like me in small area.the music room did that but must... 
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K the review on ulfberht in stero times.great for the money.eric the owner is bright and good to work with.just listened to prototype¬† with hemp midwoofer and horn with sub was fantastic.enjoy the music  
Ken Fritz article
I don't know about obcession.every other night on being at the hospital in a 6 year surgical residency has served me and my patients well.but it has been at at a price to me and my family.corporate has been a determination of medicine when we have... 
Why "bookshelf" sspeakers?
I have bookshelf with ribbons and like it.sometimes I put them on top of my 8 feet tall speakers and the feel better almost like it's there safe space.i put some on my usher d2 and made it into a d3 saved alot of cash there.i stack speakers all th... 
2024 Audio System Wish List
The winning powerball numbers so I can get out of this complex merry go is merry and relaxing listening to music it does calm the savage is fun and mentally challenging to roll amps speakers tubes ect.the mind loves different inp...