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Amp — Leave on or turn off
For the last five years, Bel Canto Black EX is always on except for power outages. components with tubes always turned off after use, but require warm up after they are powered up.  
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
PS Audio AirLens  
SR Master Fuse on preamp
@jasonbourne71  What equipment have you tried using the SR Master fuse in?  
Balanced preamp with bass management
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
@gnoworyta You might consider YG Acoustics Peaks series: wonderful speakers. I was very close to buying a pair. I also have a pair of Yamaha NS-5000s driven by Bel Canto Black EX and love them. Speakers are one part of a system. I usually spend... 
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
I would love to answer your question directly, but these are very different speakers. The technology is different especially if you look at the FR 20 Mid range and tweeter, which are likely planers. The two  aesthetics are completely different. Th... 
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Currently own and will never sell:  Joseph Audio Perspective 2 Graphene and PS Audio FR-20.    
Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
You’re listening to it over YouTube, what did you think of it soundstage?  
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
All of my future tube purchases will be from “Kevin’s Stash.”  Perfectly matched and highest available quality.    
Why isn't better quality used gear being made available?
@roxy54 I have some high quality components I will not sell in my lifetime. I am satisfied with particular high-end amps, speakers and cables.  They will not be available on the used market. Others probably feel the same way.   
Why isn't better quality used gear being made available?
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Wait for my estate sale.   
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
@gdaddy1  I have no financial interest causing any bias.  We have exactly opposite experiences in different systems. Adding a preamp was the best improvement I have experienced.    
Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
Based on personal experience, I agree with Paul McGowen. Paul originally was a believer in the concept of the best preamp was no preamp at all. A decade ago, he then changed his mind about inserting a preamp in the system. I kept believing that th... 
Do all Class D amps lack soundstage depth?
Bel Canto Black EX Controller/DAC with amp.  Excellent sound stage and everything else.   
What are your exact settings for volume and low pass filter on your SVS sub?
I crossover at 85 hz, THX recommended crossover.  I, however cannot argue with 40 or 50hz.