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The most transparent speaker cable
Another vote for Omega Micro.  
Get an Ack! dac and upgrade the output cap and you will be amazed. 
New Lowther Drivers.
Also check out the posts at the BD-DesignWWWboard. Thats the site of Burt, the designer of the Oris Horns. They talk about all designs Lowther and high efficency. I'd do a post there. Those guys are very helpful. 
Okay, the gloves are off. Let the fur fly
I used to own Vandy 3A Sigs w/a 300WPC amp. I used a REL Stadium for the very bottom (crossed at about 28hz). I loved the setup but.....I now own a single Lowther driver setup w/ the same REL sub crossed over at about 50hz. I now use a SET amp w/ ... 
What's the best amp s for Lowther drivers?
DX-3 driver. I'd like to have enough dynamic headroom and I'd like the sound to be like music (as opposed to "warm" or whatever). 
Are these cartridges worth anything???? HELP
Sure. I would never have a problem selling anything w/ a satisfaction guarantee, esp. an unknown commodity like these.i just wish i knew what was fair. 
Are these cartridges worth anything???? HELP
It's a ruby. Says so right on the box. I bought it around 1983. Whats it worth guys!(assuming it functions ok, etc.)??? I want to sell and give someone a good , fair deal. 
Are these cartridges worth anything???? HELP
Thanks guys. They both worked perfectly when i stashed them . The Ruby has very low hours. The other I bought used. Visually ,they still look fine. Any cost estimates? 
Are these cartridges worth anything???? HELP
p.s. I remember they called it the "Dynavector Ruby" cause it has a ruby cantaliver. It did sound quite amazing as I recall. 
Which SET amp to buy?
try very interesting. 
where did you find the etymotics for $225? thanks, mark 
Warm sounding ss power amps
belles hot rod or warner imaging vte. jm sound is practically giving one away. good luck. 
Wadia 830 vs. Wadia 3200 + 26
better dacs in the 830. 
Wadia with or without a preamp ?
i think it depends on you amp, cables and speakers. my 850 sounds like heaven ran direct. but i'm using vandersteen 3a sigs and a very musical ss amp. 
How would you rate your listening room?
garfish, heard the vandy 5's this last weekend. so much like our 3a sigs and yet sooooo much better. no resonances from the boxes, bass to die for (and i've got a rel stadium II). just seamless integration from top to bottom.i was drooling. and th...