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TAD Reference loudspeakers-How good are they?
The R1s are excellent speakers. True reference quality. With the right amplifier (minimum 100 WPC, must have an open and extended top end) they are hard to beat. Match made in heaven with the Dartzeel monos. 
TUBE AMP LOVERS - What SS amp makes you smile???
No other SS amp makes me smile more than the Dartzeel NHB-108. Pure magic. 
Which 211 tubes for my Wyetech Topaz
The standard Shuguang 211s are pretty linear with very good bass but overall dry and not very involving. The premium Shuguangs and Psvane 211-Ts are slightly more refined but IMHO are not worth the premium price. NOS GEs are more lush, harmonicall... 
Look at the picture on page 4 of the manual. You need a voltmeter. It should read 4.8 VDC.Great amps BTW. 
Consonance cyber 845 bias setting
Yes, it does. It's very simple. Look at the picture on page 4 of the manual. You need a voltmeter. It should read 4.8 VDC. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Good luck convincing Mick to build you a Grange or a Cabernet. He says they are too labor intensive and expensive to build so he decided to focus on the lower models. 
SET pre-amplification?
Supratek DHT preamps (Cabernet and Grange) use 45, 300B, PX4, 101D, 26 or 33 type tubes and have that beguiling SET magic. 
passive power conditioner for 220V
Isoclean makes passive power conditioners that work both on 117V and 230V. Their 80A3 works wonders in my system. I found it quite a bit better than the original Shunyata Hydra that I owned before. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Pjwd, do you know if the RK50 pot can be somehow adapted for use with an external motor (like the 4.5V unit that moves the standard Blue Alps)?? 
Conditioner for Cary MB500 Monoblocks
When I had my 500MBs I used them with Sound Application XE-12. Jim Weil claims that his conditioners do not limit current delivery. The 500 wpc Cary amps certainly sounded more relaxed, cleaner, with all the residual "hash" gone from the treble. T... 
What's the best power conditioner
Sound Application makes great power conditioners. I have been extremely happy with mine. 
Power amp s for Avantgarde Duos?
I heard the Duos with many different amps and to my ears the Audiopax Model 88 offered the most lifelike sound: gorgeous, rich tonality, tons of refined detail and very natural transients. These amps are amazingly fast. My second choice would be t... 
Sound Application line conditioner experience?
I owned the original Hydra and recently tried the PS Audio Power Plant Premier but the SA XE-12 bested them by quite a large margin: more liquidity, more natural tone colors (not as dry as with the PS Power Plant) and I can no longer hear a slight... 
Rives PARC parametric equalizer
Good question Jburidan. I was wondering about it myself. Rives: is the time delay introduced by the PARC significant enough to be heard or is it something negligible? 
Acapella Triolon Excalibur speakers at RMAF 2007
Fcrowder: Having listened to different OTL amps (Joule Electra, AtmaSphere and Einstein) I would generalize that although they do so many things right, bass is simply not their forte. The Triolons need something capable of controlling their woofer...