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Hsu Subs
Wierd, I looked at the LFM-1 sub, the groung pin on the 3 prong input (ac power) is not there. Insto ground loop lift? Maybe I just never noticed this on other subs.I've had the VTF-2, have VTF-3 (2x), I'd look into the 1220HO. 
Why dual subwoofers ?
More is always better right?It's either easier for placement because you have two subs to make up for any errors, or harder because you have twice the errors.I really have not made up my mind on this one yet....."plus at the office you can say "I ... 
My first house Just how bad of a room? 12Wx14Lx8H
I'm sure Meadowlark would object to their Heron-I's being called small speakers.... :)Always wanted to do a sub/sat system, good time to start I guess.Marty 
Opinions regarding JMlab Alto Be?
I have very similar front end gear. I really, really want a set of JM Labs's but just can't get over the cost....I'd want 5 of course (HT setup also, the center is way spendy).They sound great, but I know with enough time spent looking something c... 
Lapping the Spade Connectors
I just loved wet sanding my CPU...:) 
I'll have a Britney with that Taco.
Hold the sour cream 
Review: Porter Port AC Outlet Customized Hubbell 8300 Tweak
I bet Albert just tossed these in the freezer for a weekend...:) I also had some improvement.Just poking fun at ya Albert.Marty 
Down to the Final Two -- Dreadnaught vs. Titan
Well, I have a Titan so....I've got the seven channel and honestly the thing it too big. The 5ch is 1/3 smaller. The module approach is interesting, being you can add/upgrade power.I had a change of thoughts some time ago on this, the power supply... 
How do you clean your speaker grills?
Lint brush/sticky roller.Dang cat hair....Marty 
What's this stuff on the back of a PS Audio Outlet
"No, it will only remove the noise reduction properties. " was the answer. Really was my only concern.Well the previous posters were correct, the unit sounds better with the Cryo Hubble(Porter Port). Kinda funny, I installed the Porter Ports in th... 
What's this stuff on the back of a PS Audio Outlet
Answer from Audio Asylum- did get an answer from the email I sent directly to PS Audio...huh :)Marty 
Got my 1st Powercord & liking it, what's next?
Most bang for the buck-Dedicated outlets in my opinion.A "beefed up" wall outlet like the PS Audio Port? See if Audiogon member AlbertPorter still has his Cryo Hubble outlets for sale. Just as good if not better(I'm thinking better) and cheaper:$3... 
Power problems
Ouch, that sounds really, really bad. Yea install some dedicated circuits ASAP.Damage- Unsure but I assume you amp is running out of juice and is most likely "soft" clipping your speakers.Marty 
Swap Outlet in PS Ultimate Outlet
Deed is done: Anybody know what this stuff is on the back of the existing PS Audio Port? 
Swap Outlet in PS Ultimate Outlet
Albert-Thanks for the generous offer. I have two outlets left over from the original batch just kicking around. Just thinking of something to take apart and goof off with.Slipknow-The unit I have is the HO version. Somehow I managed to end up with...