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High Pass Filter for Mains
@mitch2  What is the crossover point on yours? I need 80hz. Do you want to sell it? I ordered one today but it's four weeks out so I can still change my plans.   
High Pass Filter for Mains
@glennewdick  I have 9 24x48x6 bass traps on the back wall and ceilings, and four 24x48x4 panels. They do a great job above 100hz. It's a small room and nothing is really gonna deal with below 80hz. I'm not sure this experiment is going to work b... 
High Pass Filter for Mains
Thanks again for all the suggestions. I feel much better about Marchand and it's the right solution for my needs. I always prefer the simplest circuit with the fewest components.  The SVS SB-1000 has dsp eq built in with app control. I definitely... 
High Pass Filter for Mains
Thanks for the inputs. I think I'm going with the Marchand balanced passive filters with a 80hz cross. It's $200 more but fits my connectivity better. What I meant about "a single cap" is its a single connection for me. Inside it's full of compon... 
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
+1 for ATC SCM150ASL Pro   
Tube preamp recommendation for a simaudio 760a amplifier
The LTA preamps use ZOTL technology to couple without transformers. Very highly reviewed and moderately priced.   
High Pass Filter for Mains
In my speakers, the tuned port is not just low end. It's a tube that terminates an inch from the back of the woofer. Plugging it muffles everything.  The Merchand filter is 24 db while HSU is 12. It is essentially a single cap for each channel. I... 
Amazon music vs Qobuz
Today I spent some time comparing AMHD and Quboz. Initially, Quboz sounded better but that's because it's significantly louder. Equalizing loudness on my db meter, Amazon is more transparent. Listening to reverb tails, cymbal and bell ring out, an... 
HiFi on the Go - Dream or Reality?
I would add a streamer like WiiM Pro to a Schiit DAC/Headphones amp with wired headphones.  
Favorite moment with music in your car.
I was 13 and sitting in my Dad's car while he picked up dry cleaning. The DJ on the radio said the next song is from an English group with funny haircuts.  "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" came on and my life was changed forever.  When my Dad returned I... 
It's the Cicadas!
With all the recent concerns about power surges and solar storms, I thought people might be on edge, listening for problems. So I decided to reassure everyone that their systems were okay if they hear that sound. Now, if you hear a low frequency h... 
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
@taheeti  Audiogon messages don't allow a reply. Some issue with security.  Anyway, when I listened to Sardonicus on vinyl I was not in a state of mind to notice anything but the music. I would have assumed any sound was intentional. Never had ... 
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
There are many records I loved the first time for the music and still do. Focusing on Audiophile SQ, here are a few more. Roseanne Cash. The River and the Thread. SQ is breathtaking. Sarah McLaughlin. Mirrorball Sarah Jarosz. Build Me Up From B... 
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
@pooreboy  +1 on Petty. All his albums sound different but great. I was gonna list Wildflowers as maybe the best recording. Shadow People is one of my "Test" songs when evaluating changes.   
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
A reissue of 12 Dreams would be a real treat. It was my favorite trip back in the day and is one of the few psychedelic albums I still listen to. Ear candy.