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Cable Break In for the Naysayers
Nevermind I see in the previous thread where it shorted from your cable to the Rel. I can see that happening easily. I moved my Sub cabling to the speaker end for less congestion.   
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
Are these the same cables where one just shorted out for no reason?  
Luxman leaves me wanting
I went from a Luxman 550 to a Luxman M10X and now have both the M10X and an @aricaudio 300B pset. I’m chose it the 300b almost every time for just that better midrange vocals. I could not believe the M10X could be approved on but I’m leaning on ev... 
Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation
+plus one @aricaudio  https://aricaudio.com/tube_gear.php    
Cary vs Raven
If your choice is leaning forward tube amps do yourself a favor and a take a few seconds to look at @aricaudio. I could not be more satisfied with the sound, look and customer service.  Take a look at my profile pic.  
Help With New Preamp Decision
@jc4659  Thank you for the kind remarks! Aric gets an A+ for customer service as well. I have over 50 emails to him and he returned everyone of them. I had so many questions because I was brand new to tubes and he took the time to make sure I kne... 
Help With New Preamp Decision
I am extremely pleased with my @aricaudio Motherload XL! Take a look at my system pics. It is replacing a $15k Luxman c900 preamp. The 300B Pset amp is a winner as well!  
Tube preamp for pass labs ?
@mesch  Focal Sopra 3   
Tube preamp for pass labs ?
@mesch  The motherlode XL and Custom 300B Pset My plan is to have the motherland go to both the 300B and my Luxman M10X. At least until I decide the M10X is not needed.😁  
Tube preamp for pass labs ?
@mesch   https://aricaudio.com/tube_gear.php   I have some amps coming!  
How long does it take your tube amp to warm up?
@ozzy62  So your Aric warms up fast?  
Aric Audio and my system
@ozzy62  What preamp are you using now with your super 300b? I have been emailing back and forth with Aric regarding the custom 300b. I'll will most likely go with his Custom 6SN7 Linestagebut was wonder what others might be using.   
Best RCA interconnect up to ~$100?
Custom  You can chose every component. I just had some balanced interconnects made with solid silver and the exact XLR connectors that are in my Luxman amp. still kept it under $150. His builds are so well put together I’ve almost entirely switc... 
Something Fishy with Brian Hoyer
Several have brought this up and now that others are figuring out they weren’t the only ones scammed the post keep coming and others on some FB pages. Unfortunately I don’t think this is going to turn out good for a lot of people but hopefully it... 
Brian Hoyer / In-Tone / kasa
Wow! I hate dishonest people. I live in KC so I googled this guy and looked on FB. He definitely sounds kind of shady for several reasons. Anyway he has a FB account and is a member area of our local audio group (Kansas City Home audio enthusias...