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live dvd/v concerts
I second Bela Fleck, after watching it I walked around the room by myself and said awesome! Besure you watch the video about the group first before you listen to the music. It gives you a better perspective of what the group is about. That Victor ... 
Connect my McIntosh to what???
McIntosh sells the PC4 on their web site under accessories. It lists for about $90. You can use that. I have one I use with a Monster conditioner. 
My Listening Report of 3 Single Driver Speakers
Do not be to narrow in your search. Try listening to the Tannoy line sometime. I found them to be exceptional. But maybe over your price range. 
Need advice re: Purchase of Reel to Reel
I had a Gundig over 22 yrs ago that had auto reversing heads and touch finger tip controls that listed for $1800. It was a beauty of fine German craftmanship. Also of course check out the Revox A77 I think the model number was. 
McIntosh MVP841 Transport? Who makes it?
Why don't you e-mail them from their web site and ask them personally? You may be even able to talk to an engineer. Get it straight from the horses mouth. 
Any bluegrass fans?
Not only do I only listen to gospel bluegrass, but I go to the festivals. One near my home, check it out at Some of these groups you have mentioned have been there. Great concerts, highly recommend Blue Highway, Rhonda Vin... 
McIntosh MR7083 vs. Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuner
Do your self a favor and just buy the MR80 that is for sale now at this site for under $800. You will be ahead of everybody with less money. 
McIntosh MC162/Replacing bulbs on front panel
I have replaced mine on two Mac amps that I have had. It is easier on their new equipment, because the electronics are more modern. Since the 162 is newer, it should be easy for you if you know how to solder. Just take the front end off with a goo... 
Got Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers - what amp?
I have the Mahler's and they are definately power hungry. I would not want to use a 200 watt or less integrated with mine. But I like listen to mine at concert levels, that is what big speakers are for aren't they? The wattage seems to be sapped u... 
Sonus Faber grand Piano sounds muddy????
Sounds like bad cable to me. Probably not using sold core wire. Try checking to see what cable they are using for the speakers. I had the same problem with mine because I was using stranded wire for my speakers. And my speakers were not Sonus Fabe... 
Best Manufacturer's Website Features
I appreciate an up to date website with all the new products listed and their features. In the past since I am a Mac man, they have been horrible at doing this. It's almost like they do not want to sell their products. Always more engineering inst... 
Amp choice for VA Mahlers
I also have the Mahlers and use McIntosh SS and they sound fine with that softer sound, no harshness at all. 200 watts of McIntosh SS will drive them sufficiently for HT. Although my system is entirely 2 channel and watch movie's 2 channel with them. 
What's your favorite instrument to listen to....
I'm partial to the stringed instruments because I love bluegrass, but if I had to choose, (it's tough), banjo or fiddle. I have plenty of acoustic guitar, but forget electric guitar unless old Chet is playing. Did I pluck your string, yet? 
5 most recognizable voices in American music?
Hey, let's not forget those who started it all like Bill Monroe. He was the king of bluegrass. Just like Louis was of Jazz and Elvis Rock and Roll. You guys always want to forget bluegrass, but that is music that comes from the heart and soul of A... 
Mcintosh amps...2 MC7300's, or 1 MC 352
I own the MC7300 and got a chance to compare it with a MC352 at Audio Classics in NY. I did not notice any difference in the sound of the speakers I was auditioning. Therefore I would conclude that you would be better to pick up a used MC7300 and ...