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Lets talk tubes in Pharaoh Integrated
How is the Pharaoh sounding with the new tubes? 
Anyone else using the VonSchweikert vr35 speakers?
I got a great deal on a pair of VR-35s that I could not pass up. They sound great but I think my Ayon Spirit III tube integrated is a little low on power to make them sound their best. I wonder what the OP thinks about the Carver 180s powering the... 
Emotiva UMC-200 vs Oppo BDP-105?
Bacardi, did you ever get this resolved? I am experiencing the same thing as you and wondering where to go from here. 
Peachtree Nova 125 HT Bypass
Did you ever find out how to setup the HT bypass? 
Any Anthony Gallo Strada Owners?
Srama, Can I ask what amp you are using with your Stradas? 
Any Anthony Gallo Strada Owners?
Can the Stradas be run full range or do they need to be crossed over to a sub? 
MHDT Havana vs TADAC
I'm interested in both DAC's myself. What are your thoughts on the Havana so far? 
High frequency ringing caused by drivers?
Yes, I tested the tubes by lightly tapping on them. 
High frequency ringing caused by drivers?
All the tubes test out OK and I also have a set of Herbies tube dampers on the way. We shall see if this helps out any.