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vibration control - cd player
Trenner & Friedl, I meant! and  Triode Wire Labs!  
vibration control - cd player
Hi all- Thanks for all the good ideas and I'm happy to provide more details on my system.  The cd player (Hegel Viking) is 16 pounds.  It sits on a shelf in a built in wood cabinet (not audio equipment).  The room is small -9 by 11- and there is ... 
help! no sound
Hi all! Just an update as I just  got a new pair of tubes.  Put them in the Lyr 2 and there was sound.  So it was the tubes!  Phew. Thanks all for your advice and help.  So appreciated! (She btw.) cheers, Margot  
help! no sound
Hi all! Thanks for the help.  I think I have done all of these things.  Spoke to Schiit and they think the tubes may be bad.  (Seems weird that would lead to NO SOUND rather than hissing) but I'll get some new tubes and see if that works. Thank ... 
help! no sound
Hi. Thanks for your help. To be more clear- I run an RCA cable from a cd player to an amplifier that connects to my non-powered speakers; from that same cd player I run a bnc out to the Schitt bifrost.  That is the then connected by RCA to the L... 
new to streaming- help!
Hi all!  I have now communicated with University IT.  I do not have a live ethernet connection and there likely is an issue with WI FI.  I can resolve it, I think.  I need to register for a different WI FI --with the Mac ID that is on the bottom o... 
new to streaming- help!
Many, many thanks, all.  Such great advice.  Right now I am exploring Yage's hypothesis that my problem has to do with IT security settings.  More soon, I hope! Margot    
new to streaming- help!
Thanks so much, I meant!    
new to streaming- help!
Hi all- Thanks for much.  I'll keep trying to sort out the Node x.  The issue is that neither my iPhone nor my MacBook recognize the player.  I do seem to be able to hook the Node X by ethernet and I can play music over bluetooth.  But as neither... 
Is this safe?
Hi all- Thanks so much for all the good advice.  I let it sit overnight, opened it up, touched only the tubes, and rolled in some Sylvania's, which are sounding really nice. I'm still alive! I love Audiogon! cheers, Margot  
whole house surge protector
This is so helpful and you guys are great!  I will tell my electrician to go ahead with whole house surge protector. Thank you! Margot  
what does this mean?
Thanks for the reassurance, everyone.  I've placed an order!  Everything is back-ordered so it will be a while, but I'll report back when I have it set up. cheers, Margot    
Sparkler CD Player or Transport?
That looks very nice but is too deep for my space.  Thanks for the suggestion.  
New Magico A1 Bookshelf Speakers!
mountain song, can you describe how far the speakers are from you listening position, and how far apart from each other?thanks- 
Need advice on what to look for in a turntable - budget $6K to $10K
Check out Pure Fidelity tables (from Vancouver.). I am intrigued by them.