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Your Impressions of the DV XX2 MKII
Jdaniel13,Not even a hint of crackle on the entire side two either. I do have the Soundsmith mounting hardware to increase the effective mass of the arm and the Counterintuitive to adjust the azimuth and VTF more easily. I don't know if this contr... 
Your Impressions of the DV XX2 MKII
Jdaniel13,The only one of the LP's that I have is a MFSL 2-526 Von Karajan La Boheme. The Dyna tracks the entire side one without a hint of mis-tracking. The VTF is 2.01 - 2.05g, no anti-skate other than the twist, I used the Mint LP and a USB ($4... 
Your Impressions of the DV XX2 MKII
I currently have this cart on a Scoutmaster with the JMW9 arm and am very happy. No mistracking or other misbehavior. That said it is very fiddly to set up. Thanks to Soundsmith and the counter intuitive and the heavy mounting hardware and a Mint ... 
Atma-sphere MA-1 mk 3 to 3.1 upgrade
I had the update from the Mk.3 to Mk. 3.1 done to a pair of silver edition MA-1's. The noise floor was lower and the imaging was more precise, wider and deeper than the Mk. 3. It's cheap and very worthwhile. 
dynavector XX2MK2 set up question
Gotta go with Audiofeil on this one I run mine at 1.85 to 1.95g and no additional loading. I have found the Phono stage has a big impact as to what loading is correct. YMMV 
Dialing in my analog rig - Need help
I have the same table and cartridge. It is somewhat fiddly to setup and requires significant patience. I ended up with a MintLP protractor, a 3g headshell weight, a Soundsmith Counterintuitive azimuth weight, a good stylus force gauge, and a copy ... 
Quality, Affordable, Preamps?
I would suggest an MFA Magus or this Atma-sphere as options. I really liked the Magus and two of the principles are still around. Atma-sphere also supports the linked preamp.FWIW 
Atma-sphere 3.0 to 3.1
These were originally Mk 2.3 that had been back in the 18 to 24 month window for upgrade to 3.0. They are MA-1's as well. I do not know the history of the Class A/AB switch on the various models. The upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.0 was significant... 
Atma-sphere 3.0 to 3.1
I believe that most of the updates reside in the PS and on mine they removed the Class A/AB switch. 
Atma-sphere 3.0 to 3.1
Yup!MA-1's though. Much lower noise floor, now they are essentially dead quiet with no preamp signal. Slightly better imaging and detail. It is, IMO, a worthwhile upgrade if you can do without them for a couple of weeks.Mike 
Best 3 tube preamps under $18000?
Atma-Sphere MP-1 or an MFA MC Reference if you can find one. Specifically for use with digital and phono. If you don't have a vinyl front end then please disregard, as that has been my experience.My $0.02 
Tube phono question
I have had that same problem caused by tubes. Try using a different tube or tubes. That should give you a place to start.HTH 
The most hilarious ad ever on Audiogon?
I have been using a single of the same model as a sub for my Quads. It is so fast you can't tell it is there other than the warmth it imparts to the whole spectrum. 
Atma-Sphere MP-1 and MP-3 comparison
I am interested in the results of this quest as it is very similar to my own. Please post any results you may find. Thanks,Mike 
Preamp with phono stage for under $1000
I have always liked MFA equipment and currently still have a few pieces. There is a Magus preamp here for $900. MFA preamps are generally known for their excellent phono stages.I prefer it to the AI at the same price.My $0.02