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Manufacturer Repairs? What is a reasonable time?
I waited 3 months for an amp to be repaired about 8 years ago. The amp sat on the floor for 6 weeks before they even looked at it. The company that did this was one of the ones you have listed as spoiling you in the past. 
Anyone try this way to wire your loudspeakers?
I have a pair of Mirage M3si speakers and I do not intend to upgrade. 
Anyone try this way to wire your loudspeakers?
I have often wondered about my use of $3000 speaker cables when the wire connecting the speaker binding posts to the drivers is basic hardware store wire. 
Best 6SN7 Pre Amp tubes?
Are the Sophias and the Black Treasures made by the same factory but sold under different labels? I have a pair of Sophias for my ModWright Sony SCD-XA5400ES and have thought about trying the Black Treasures but they appear to be the same tube. If... 
How to open lid on SA-11S2
I had the SA-11S1 and after taking the screws out I had to press down on the top plate while sliding it towards the back of the player. There was a lip on the top plate that fit tightly under the front face plate. The SA-11S2 may be the same. 
tube rolling of Lector t CDP
I have tried the Mullards, Telefunkens, Sylvanias, Brimers, and RCAs in my Lector CDP-7T CD player. The Mullards always sounded the best to me. However, I recently bought a pair of the new Gold Lion Genalex 12AT7s and in my system they are the bes... 
Tubes for CJ EV-1 phono pre
I used to own the EV-1 and I used NOS Mullards (12AX7s and 12AU7) which sounded really nice. I think I used a NOS GE 5751. I bought all of these tubes from Upscale Audio. Get the platinum grade tubes and noise will not be a problem. 
Magnepan 1.7
I am looking for new speakers and listened to the Magnepan 1.7 speakers a couple of weeks ago. They seem like such a bargain until you realize that you have to spend thousands on 500 watt mono blocks and a pair of subwoofers to get them to sound t... 
is justified to change a dv9500 to SA11 ?
I have owned both and yes the SA11 will be an improvement over the DV9500 for two channel audio. 
Conrad Johnson TEA2 Stock Tubes
Thanks for the information. Ed at CJ said the tubes were new production Mullard copies made in Russia but the pins on the tubes that I have do not look like recent production so I must have the older production Russian 12AX7 tubes. Rob, I used to ... 
marantz ud 9004
I just bought one. It think it is better than the Pioneer BDP-09FD which I also own in a second system. I am using the multi-channel analog outputs for Blu-Ray and DVD playback. It is also very nice as a two channel player for CD and SACD. I do pr... 
Anyone upgraded fuses on a Marantz SA7S1?
I used to own a Marantz SA11S1 and I remember replacing around 5 fuses with HiFi Tuning fuses. If I were you I would pop the top cover and be sure of what I needed to order. The types of fuses needed were clearly labeled on the circuit board in th... 
Need help with my Proceed AVP2
Try turning it off and unplugging it for a few minutes and then plug it in and start it up again. Surround processors are basically PCs and sometimes benefit from a rebooting process. 
Is unity gain a real HT bypass?
If the preamp is a tube preamp does the bypass mode bypass the tubes and unity gain run the signal through the tubes? 
A packing solution for Audiogonitis carriers
I have actually used swimming noodles before! They are really useful to place between the inside and outside box when double boxing. Solid foam is the only thing that really protects components especially if they are heavy. I am amazed at how many...