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Your Not-So-Obvious Best Fidelity LPs
@coltrane1  Couldn't agree more with your soul selections.  I love this period of music and especially what the groups you mentioned mean to me.  I don't have any of these on vinyl, but can't understand why many have not been re-released/remaster... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
Glen Hansard  
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
I love how some anoint themselves as God of all things analog and keeper of how all music must sound.  So glad that we get to chose different interpretations and not have to rely on a solo source to experience the beauty of this hobby. A world wit... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
@mijostyn I too am glad that my own ears/brain determine what sounds satisfy myself, not what a machine tells me music should sound like.    
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
@overthemoon  It's not just SF, it's a lot of modern speakers. I hope that I can find something that is new and modern that leans toward my still of listening!  Just not as easy as it used to be to find many options which I could then really comp... 
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
I am 65 and also still enjoy louder listening levels than what many seem to enjoy. I have had a terribly difficult time finding speakers that will allow me to listen louder, without the upper midrange/treble region becoming fatiguing and troubleso... 
Does anyone know if Klyne is still in business?
I believe that Stan has retired from what I read recently.  
Dallas DFW speaker crossover repair gurus that you'd trust
@gsclark65    I thought I heard Frank stopped doing electronic repairs?   
@secretguy  Wow, I guess you have never been exposed to a real quality TT if you honestly believe that nonsense.  
Isolation Springs Deal
I bought two sets, but they are still boxed. I will try them out soon under components.  
What is the best tonearm for a SOTA Nova turntable?
VPI can sound a little clinical, but I have used a Classic 3 Signature for awhile now. The older SOTA Sapphire/Star Sapphire were a bit more melodic.  I am thinking about possibly going to an Acoustic Signature model this time, but who knows. By t... 
What is the best tonearm for a SOTA Nova turntable?
I used an ET2 on a SOTA Star Sapphire until around 2009. Still one of my favorite analog rigs I ever owned or heard. Anyone that had an issue with the ET2, obviously did not have any experience using or setting one up. Over 10 trouble free years f... 
New In 2022
  This is a great award winning duo from UK.  They are also family members of mine!   
New In 2022
  New artist I found on Bandcamp that caught my ear.  Enjoyable singer/songwriter.      
Phono Stage Amp
Sounds like.the turntable/cartridge is your issue. Cary slp-05 is good preamp and the musical fidelity is good. Getting good analog sound takes really good turntable/tonearm/cartridge. I would guess either cartridge is misaligned or cartridge prob...