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Help Me Name a New Band
Who's your guitar daddy now?
in order first hendrix,jeff beck, jimmy page, eric clapton,albert king,kim simmons,peter green,mick taylor.tommy bolin, 
Does anyone like country
all country except todays radio country. 1950-1984 all good country.todays country steel drivers big and rich .whitey ford and the 78's to name a few . 
CDs with heavy, fast bass and/or long drum solos
cozzy powell and alphonse mouzon as well as billy cobham all great drum records. 
Marshall Tucker Band-Anyone else get them?
If you like Marshall Tucker also try the Amazing Rhythm Aces and Ozark Mountain Dare Devils . you dont live for ever is my fav tucker tune its on long hard ride . 
Best Rock Albums in 2009, so far
black sabbath/ ronnie james Dio 
whats the best amp for klipsch lascala 2?
sounds like paul klipsch and the guys over at mac had a thing going on back in the days . like krell , wilson and transparent the gang of today. thanks all . think i will stay with my macs. 
Replaced La Scala with...?
i have the lascala twos and i like them very much . i am now looking for new amplification to go with high Dd speakers,no need for powerhouse macs any longer. i used vandersteen and b&w and was happy with them until the klipsch. maybe try a su... 
The 5 Jazz Recordings You Would Take With You...
Billy Cobham - StratusEric Gale - Ginseng womanLonnie Liston Smith - ExpansionsJeff Beck - Diamond DustDonald byrd - Povo 
Fusion - Any Recommendations?
alphonse mouzan golden rainbows with tommy bolin on guitar .jeff becks blow by blow. 
Aimy Winehouse -- who knows her?
the cut just friends has great bass and ska rhythm 
LPs, v. iPods - round 1
vinyl their is no other. i-pod's are for sh-tz and giggles only .the nano is for girls so sayeth borat. go pistons 
Greatest C&W Band
the charlie daniels band . 
bands you truly miss
What song best describes you or your life?
Rock Steady Bad Company