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Vandersteen Moel 2Ce better than Model 1B used in midsize room
I have owned the 1c, 2c and 3A Sigs at various times (the 1c and 3a Sigs at the same time).  The upgrade from the 1 to 2 is large and well worth it.  The step to the 3 smaller.  The one caveat is the the 2 and 3 are much less efficient than the 1,... 
A used pair can be had for $80.00
Julian Hirsch was deaf as a doornail.    
A used pair can be had for $80.00
I remember listening to these.  A bit warm and polite sounding, not very revealing.  They were a good value at the time.   
Suggestions for bookshelf speakers that have great dynamics, budget of $500 used.
When you say dynamic and loud, my first thought is Klipsch.   
Mark Levinson 20.6 Failing
When I look at robertjermans comment, what I seem him saying is that there shouldn't be a need so ship the amps anywhere to have them fixed.  It is not like there is some magic black box inside that needs to be decoded, but rather an amplifier, th... 
Looking for inexpensive preamp
Third the Freya +, or save a few dollars and get the Saga + and tube roll the one tube to your heart's content.   
Can you give us a little more.  What are the components you are using, what sub, how connected, crossover frequency, listening level, calibration method? 
Do any of these interest you at all? (If you had the money)(Which I don't)
Several of them look like a comb filtering nightmare of poor driver layout.  Maybe I am just too practical, but what do they really offer over a top of the line Revels, Sound Labs, Vandersteens or Magnepans?  The only reason most of them seem to e... 
Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers
I would say Revel, but agree with others that while they can get reasonably loud, they are not SPL speakers. What about getting some outdoor speakers and amp and have a zone for outside music when you are out there? There are some great outdoor sp... 
Are there any current high end dipole speakers (dynamic)? 
Subwoofer advice
I would get the HSU VTF-3.  
Subwoofer advice
$1000.  At that price, I would considering follow Tim's suggestion of a pair of PB-1000s.  Personally, at that price, I would do either 1) a pair of Hsu VTF-2 MK5 (but you give up the variable phase control), or if I could stretch to $1,200 a pair... 
Subwoofer advice
My two cents. You aren’t getting much by going to the Rel T9i, their -6db point is 28hz and they are expensive for what you get. If it were me, assuming at $2,200 budget (the cost of 2 T9i on sale) I would do the following:1) Purchase a HSU High P... 
Advice on amp to pair with new Revel speakers
From Schiit Audio: Theater Integration, $0. Okay, all you "home theater bypass" guys. All of our preamps offer true home theater bypass. Just plug in your processor’s front channels to any inp... 
Where is the popcorn emoticon when needed?  It is like George just met himself and Audiozen met himself.  I can see this going for years.