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Has anyone heard Fink Team KIM speakers?
Update:  Wolfsong Audio has added the KIM to our line up.  If anyone is in the South East, please contact us to set up an audition. Up to and including an in home audition.  
Gauging interest in a 2008 Continuum Caliburn
Thanks to all who have replied.  The crux here is that I am going to be the one to do the set up, connection, testing and show the 'table in operation for any potential buyers.  This post is intended to gauge interest before I list the 'table for ... 
Has anyone heard Fink Team KIM speakers?
@whipsaw,If you are located in the US South East I am looking at adding the Fink Team Kim and Borg to the floor of Wolfsong Audio. I would be happy to set up an audition. 
Has anyone heard Fink Team KIM speakers?
@Diamondddupree,I had a chance at a short listen to the KIM at the same location. This time they were on the short wall by the Kromas with no piano in between. I really enjoyed the sound. So much so that I am seriously considering taking on the li... 
Audio rack
If you want a rack built to your exact specification and that is a bespoke piece of furniture check out BSR Woodworks.  http://www.bsrwoodworks.com/furniture.htmlFar less painful in the checkbook as well. 
What are you streaming tonight?
Conformity by Quiet City 
Question about EAT Turntable
The Headshells on all EAT turntables are fixed.  They do not come off of the arms. 
Taking Power Conditioning to the Max?
Try a Rosewater energy dc storage and generation system.  The BEST 70K you will ever spend. 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
Kenjit,  you clearly do not or choose not to understand the intent of my comments or this entire thread.  Please take the time to tell us of your own DIY speakers.  Or, failing that, tell us what cheap speakers that sound better than the over pric... 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
Kenjit,     So what you are saying is that speaker designers like Jeff do not have talent?  Do not create speakers that can work in a lot of environments, with a lot of sources, amplification and lots of different music?    At no point did I ever ... 
Pulsars and the Mythical Armchair Speaker Maker
A few additional factors to consider.  The DIY speaker guy is for the most part, designing a speaker to mate to his room, with his ancillary gear to please his ears with his music.  I have had the pleasure of listening to several "life time of des... 
graphene again
One word  "Borophene" One link: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613267/borophene-the-new-2d-material-taking-chemistry-by-storm/?u... 
Decent DAC/Streamer
Mahler123 The Node 2i has a 3.5 MM toslink optical digital input to allow it to accept a digital source. It even comes with an adapter to convert from toslink to 3.5mm optical. I run an ancient California Audio Delta transport into one of mine.  
An encounter and lesson in speaker prices ...
Erik,Some people are not at all sensitive to sound being out of phase ( as you describe ).  Consider the case of the entire Polk Audio SDA line of speakers.  The "speaker interconnect" tied one side of each speaker's midbass/midrange drivers to th... 
VPI 40th Anniversary Table After Warranty Support Question
I have no stake in the game or the " thought experiment" but I must say good on VPI Industries for their response very well written and thought-out always showing that they are 100% customer-oriented.