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upgrade advice
Ok, I'll bite.Great speakers, OK amp/dac, crappy source.Personally I'd invest in a few good power cables, that will tighten up the bottom end and open up the sound stage.  Next I'd look into upgrading the bluesound.  
Looking for music streamer/server...Is a Macbook Pro better than a Sony Hap Z....
I recently switched from using my MacBook Pro to an Auralic Aries Mini.  As is I'd say sound quality is about on par, while the user interface (software) if far superior.  I've added an external power supply and the sound quality improves signific... 
help me with a DAC decision please
I owned a Metrum Hex for a few years.  Wonderful dac, but does not have a pre-amp feature.  I wanted a dac/pre so went with the McIntosh D150.  No regrets at all.  An excellent piece. 
Looking for upgrade from Apple TV, would like to keep using iTunes and wifi
Wifi through Apple TV and optical to the dac does not sound very good.  No idea why not, but it doesn't.  You will have much better results doing a usb connection direct to the dac.  The cheapest option is to buy a Mac Mini and use it as a dedicat... 
opinions on best neutral sounding amp with DAC under $4K
I borrowed the 160 from my local dealer for a few days.  Sadly I was unimpressed.  Tried a few different power cords etc., and could not get it to sound good.   Decidedly mid-fi in my view despite the 'professional' reviews.I say sadly, because th... 
LFD amp, DAC?
If the dac has a volume control, in theory yes, but you would be using 2 pre-amps - the one in the dac plus the one in the LFD. You would have to preset the LFD volume, say at 50% and then play with the volume on the dac.Not a very good idea sound... 
Anyone moved on from Harbeth C7es3?
I was using C7's, switched to Kudos C2 for a more dynamic presentation, soon switched back to Harbeth - M30.1s. I'm very happy. 
LFD Integrated - Please talk me out of buying one
Probably the most overly hyped product out there. I had a MkIV for a week - sounded like a Naim XS for 25% more money - build quality was crap - parts quality was crap. No remote. Thumped when I turned it on and off.Stick with your tubes. 
Upgrade advice needed
Try using the W4S as a DAC only, and use the pre-amp section of the NAD, just to see what happens.The symptoms you are describing are usually early in the chain and I've owned the W4S and NAD, and neither are harsh.If you are looking to upgrade, s... 
DAC woes - what to do
I recently bought (and sold) a Rega dac. Wasn't for me either. For slightly more the Metrum Octave is much better. For quite a bit less, I replaced the Rega with a Schiit Bifrost uber and am very happy with it. 
spdif/USB converter vs DAC upgrade
An outboard converter like the Stello is a huge improvement over built in units. I have the Stello and have used it with DACS from $500 to $3k ( metrum hex currently).Although it might be worth trying the Metrum Octave usb input before investing f... 
Digital vs Interconnect Cables - Difference?
Digital cables come in 2 varieties... 75 ohm rca connectors and 110 ohm xlr connectors.They are used for connecting 2 digital components, mainly to a dac, from a cd or dvd transport.Any connections between sources and preamps or preamps and amps w... 
Speaker cables like Audience AU24 E but cheaper
Auditorium 23. Very similar but more refined, and half the price. 
Installing additional outlet to the same line
Each outlet has 2 sets of positive and negative connectors plus one common ground. Use the second set of connectors (unused) to link the second outlet to the first.If unclear, call an electrician. 
Nad M51 + usb conditioner?
Yes, the usb input on the Nad is not very good.