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JW Audio Signature Interconnect - I can't get anyone even to try them
+1 @ facten. To the OP you probably don't want to hear this but most of the above has been my experience with buying small brand no-name cables. There are some great values out there with basically one guy making cables out of his garage, but res... 
UPS Driver Literally Drops Package with New Hana Umami Red
I just watched the video. It was dropped from about knee height, nothing egregious, or concerning to me. 53 posts later… Seriously?  
Tube amp recommendations to drive Joseph Audio speakers
I have used an Audio Research Ref 75SE for years with my Pulsars (original, not Pulsar 2) with great results. Should work well with your AR preamp. You should be able to stay around your budget, or a Ref 75 (non SE)  
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
Joseph Audio Pulsars. I sold them when I convinced myself it was time to try something "different" in my system and got some Kef Reference 1's. I knew the Pulsars were great when I sold them, but after living without them in my system for about 2 ... 
Joseph Audio Perspective2 vs Harbeth SHL5+
I have the original Pulsars. I am offering this comparison as they have very similar sensitivity measurements in Stereophile to the Perspectives. It's not apples to apples but similar in nature. Yes the sensitivity (on paper) is low- Stereophile m... 
Network Acoustics Muon ethernet filtering system - Improving streaming sound quality
@grannyring I don’t see the Rubicon switch on Network Acoustics website. Googling doesn’t turn up much either. Is this a totally new product that has not officially been released yet?  
Clearaudio Concept cueing lever dropping
I had the same problem on my Tracer tone arm. The dealer replaced the whole cueing lever assembly. The damping oil was not leaking it just kept dropping.  
Struggling to spend 13k with three dealers
Sorry if I missed it, but who is the Chicago dealer you are talking about? If it is the one I am thinking of, good luck buying anything from him...It's a lost cause. There is a current ad for a Rea G1 sub offered for sale by him that has been roll... 
Audio Research Reference 75 conversion to SE
I am pretty sure the upgrade included the above things mentioned, and had a power supply revision as well. This may or may not be a significant part of the SE equation. I seem to remember capacitors being changed also. I would talk to an ARC deale... 
Upgrade Clearaudio Performance DC or move up to Ovation?
j-wall - I ended up sticking with the Performance DC. I may try upgrading the cartridge but I'm pretty happy as it is. I did add an Origin Live "Gravity One" record weight and that elevated things over the Stillpoints LPI weight. I just don't know... 
I have been on the hunt for the best turntable I can buy. Any suggestions?
This thread has to be one of the most bizarre collections of people on different pages I have ever seen. Yet I keep following for humor :). 
New Synergistic Research Record Mat
Mijostyn-what do you mean by “there is no clearance for the record label area?” 
Upgrade Clearaudio Performance DC or move up to Ovation?
mulveling-Great advice, and honestly this is what my gut has been telling me (that the Ovation might not be enough of a jump). My dealer did tell me that he didn’t feel the Innovation Compact Basic would be any better than the Ovation, just a diff... 
Upgrade Clearaudio Performance DC or move up to Ovation?
spatial king-Duly noted, and I’m at that point. Sometimes I just need help getting off the dime! 
Hana SL or ML?
chakster -I'm going off memory, but believe I was given a $300 or $350 credit towards the M when I traded up from the S. I thought that was pretty good, and I don't particularly like buying or selling used cartridges. I have no idea how they handl...