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Klipsch speaker dropped from 4 foot stand - damage
"What is the likely damage?"The driver magnet has shifted or fallen off damaging the voice coil."IS it possible to get replacement parts?"Why don't you CALL Klipsch and find out. 
Capacitor Help
"Any thoughts on Dayton or Solen Caps?"Too grainy for use in the high frequency circuit. Clarity ESA would be a good choice. 
Speaker crossover mod. Your advice?
Modifying crossovers can be very rewarding sonically. I'd suggest doing all the caps and don't forget to do the resistors. As for what caps to use, there are many good choices to fit your wallet. Sonicap Gen I's are very good and reasonably priced... 
It's the Sony XA5400ES the best CDP under 4k
The best always depends on what sound signature you fancy. Sony has a certain house sound that appeals to some and repels others. I'm of the latter, so I'd have to say no to your question.Listener111, I'd suggest not judging the sound until you ha... 
How To Ship Heavy Speakers With Insurance?
Try Craters and Freighters. 
Tubes for Conrad-Johnson MV-52
6CA7's, in general, offer rock solid deeper bass, a better tone and a longer life verses EL34's. 
Parasound JC-1 power cord recommendations
I have a friend with those amps. He's very pleased with the PS Audio AC-12 cords. 
resistors better than bennic for xovers
I prefer Mills. I'd change all of them, but make sure any replacement meets or exceeds the original watt rating. 
New Beatles remasters
"What readily available format would be better?SACD would be my choice. 
New Beatles remasters
Truly jaw dropping! 
MIT Shotgun Question.
Good deal. Joe knows what he's talking about.Do not use a cable cooker with MIT cables. 
MIT Shotgun Question.
"Can I use barrel connectors and chain multiple IC's for burn in."I've never considered that before. It may be ok with some cables, but I would not recommend trying that with the MIT's. However, you can always call MIT to get their opinion."the mi... 
MIT Shotgun Question.
"I have been buying and selling cables now for over a month and still am right back where I started from."Yes, so I read. You are trying to rush what cannot be rushed. Slow down, live with a set of cables for awhile. Patience is truly a virtue in ... 
MIT Shotgun Question.
I noted that you only have 100 hours on the cables, which is not nearly enough time for them to have fully burned in. I can tell you from personal experience that MIT cables sound wrong before they burn in. Therefore, you are doing yourself a grea... 
Skylan stand for Compact 7 ES-3
I purchased my Skylan stands directly from Noel. His stands are exceptional as is his customer service. As for his prices, I think they're an absolute bargain for what you get.