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Hola Audio Springs DAC repair
Did you go from rca cables to blanched?balanced out is usually twice the voltage output of rcaInputs may be overloading and you need attenuators  
What have you been working on in 2020?
Got my Atma Sphere MK 60 amps upgraded from 2,x to 3.3 back in march, Listening music from 8am till 11pm. Next I’ve got to send my 20+ year old SME V tonearm to England for a rebuild. Also upgraded my cables to Audio Envy. 
Paradigm Persona: what do you think?
What are you using for amplification ? 
Guidance on Speaker Wire
+1 Audio Envy 
How to select a good Speaker Cable
Audio Envy's new speaker cable SP-9 
Reasonable moving coil cartridge
Hana EL or EH $475LOMC or HOMC 
Which DAC makers let you do in home trial?
Benchmark has a 30 day trial 
Where can I audition amps near Boston?
Sounds Of Silence   in Nashua NH 
Where can I audition amps near Boston?
Blink High End in Cambridge 
Comparison of latest DAC chips
Pure Audio Dac   is this it? 
Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor Gone?
He has cancer 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
Sound Lab QuantumExcellent electrostatic hybridgreat integration with otl amps 
Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i
I had a spare Pangea IEC Power cord. Got an IEC to C-7 adapter for about $20 
sellers trying to sell used product for 10-20% off of list price
Another chain in the northeast was Tech Hifi, another chain was around in the 70's(can't remember the name) - sold Vinyl as well, again mid fi 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
John Cale - Vintage Violence