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Micromega My DAC to improve sound of Rega Apollo
I used a MF vDac with a $35 dog cable and I thought the sound of my Rega Apollo improved. 
Time of listening session?
I always listen at 4:20 
High End Hi-Fi like Drugs
I get that high when I use 8-tracks. Seriously, lots of nostalgia for the days when pot was illegal. 
Have an old pair of Allison Acoustics CD-9s....
I had a pair I bought from a now-closed store in the Boston area. After many years of use in varying roles, I sold them for $250. They were OK, but not as good as the hype. 
Question About Tube Dampers
If the dampers helped the sound so much, why wouldn't manufacturers of amps or pre-amps use them? Dampers are, relative to the finished product, quite cheap. 
WA-Quantum GmbH's Quantum Chips
Do you have to wait several hundred hours for these to properly break-in? I assume the adhesive has to settle in on the sub-atomic level. Those quarks are quirky. 
WA-Quantum GmbH's Quantum Chips
I would suggest putting several chips on each Tice Clock. 
CD Player under $1k
I'd opt for the Rega if you don't care about SACD. Excellent US service organization, something that may be an issue with certain products made outside the US. 
Dr. Demento's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 on 8 track. 
Intoxicating music
There is a trio headed by DR Lonnie Smith (not to be confused by Lonnie LIson Smith) that does 4 JHendrix covers, Very influenced, 
Recent equipment you hated, thought overpriced
Schumann generator. Bought one on a whim. No difference in sound, presence, spatial qualities, etc. etc. None of my guests has heard an iota of difference with it. 
Have you heard or own the Shakti Hallograph
What's the burn-in time that one would need to devote to this before realizing the full benefit? 
Conference Room Audio
Probably fell off the back of a truck so don't sweat the price tag 
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
Great reviewhttp://www.stereomojo.com/TEKTON%20MLORE%20SPEAKER%20REVIEW/TektonM-loreSpeakerReview.htm 
Your Wish List for Reissue on Vinyl
Depeche Mode Unplugged and Soft Cell's Tainted Love (long-version)