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New Synergistic Master Fuse
I've bought Blue and Orange Synergistic Research fuses over the years and in each case they positively improved sound quality.  This new fuse is likely to be good tweak but is much too expensive for my budget. But I would recommend for those who ... 
Where is Geoff Kait???😢
I can't think of one time he added anything positive here.  
Still happily using vintage gear?
I've about a dozen vintage pieces all rebuilt that rotate through our living room. All but two are over 50 years old. LP12 is a 1978 and a new Parasound phono. I have a nice modern stereo in our basement but the vintage gear gets the most use by ... 
I've found Synergetic Research fuses to make a positive difference in my gear. Have no clue how a fuse could have an effect but it has in my case. 
What made you put together your first 2nd system?
I have a small collection of vintage gear we rotate in our living room as a second system. Mostly use Tidal but have an PL12 with a Parasound phono pre as well. 
The Most Cost Effective Tweak
In my experience as many others shared moving speakers around can be huge.Duplex outlets from Oyaide or better yet Synergistic Research.Synergistic Research fuses.  
What are you streaming tonight?
Moloch via TIDAL. It was their only album, was released in 1969. Going Down was first released on that LP. I ordered the LP from Craft they released a new remaster recently. 
Who will soon be going to a live concert?
We will see Herbie Hancock the 21st. Health protocols are required so feel better about attending. We do not plan to attend any future indoor gatherings for the remainder of this year. 
Hegel fuse holder
My Aurender has the same fuse holder thingie. I had a difficult time opening it but the Orange fuse made a significant improvement although it takes over 100 hours to break-in. I've a number of Synergistic Research products including cables and re... 
ORANGE Fuse rejected
Auxinput, I respect your opinion and believe your experience with that particular gear. In my gear Orange fuses have a noticeably positive affect.  
is there a ghost in my machine?
"Seems a 'heat' issue with a soldered joint or a tube....doesn't occur immediately, but as current flows through it, it warms up and fails. It's just real slow about it.".... asvjerryI agree with Jerry perhaps a board trace separating when heated... 
How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?
I get a lot of joy from my LP music collection. I buy one to four LP's a month.I listen to at least 300+ a year. Many more than once. My wife and I enjoy listening in a living room vintage setup. My son has a deck in his bed room. My good deck and... 
Synergistic Research Galileo SX Power cord. (Opinions on sound quality appreciated).
Over the past five years I've bought four top of the line used Synergistic Research Galileo (something) power cables. As Ted said they take time to settle in or break in even though they were used. What a funny hobby we deal with. Love my Synergis... 
Synergistic Research Galileo SX Power cord. (Opinions on sound quality appreciated).
As Ozzy said Entreq is best used on whole systems. You could use one smaller box on one piece of gear but it's far better (cumulative) used on all.It's at its best when analog gear is attached to one box and digital and or SS is connected to a sec... 
Experience with HFTs
I’ve over a dozen Synergistic Research HFT’s and agree with Goose and Millercarbon. They expand and lock in the soundstage. I simply. followed the instructions that came with them and then experimented a bit on my own. Very pleased with the result...