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Two small RELs or One Larger Sub
I just purchased two REL 212/SE subs. was going to install them last week but need a buddy to help get them upstairs as they are big and heavy! Once installed I will follow break in instructions, but not totally positive how long that will take. 
Htm2 d3 in black or rosenut to match 804d3 rosenut
What did you not like about the DB2D? I have a pair of B&W 802D3 speakers and was seriously considering the DB2D or the DB1D to add depth. I am eager to hear of your experiences. 
Waiting on 802D3 to arrive -- Will I need a sub?
Updates? What was the OPs conclusion? 
Vienna Acoustics sounded terrible at Magnolia
Larry, I love the sound that I am getting out of my Mahlers and my Mcintosh amps. I am using a good DAC though and it is not sounding to bloated or warm to me at all. I am very happy with the sound I am getting. What did you power your Mahlers with? 
Vienna Acoustics sounded terrible at Magnolia
I feel that my VA Mahler speakers are quite amazing and offer amazing performance. To get better I would have to spend a LOT more...(I am also powering them with Mcintosh 501 monobloc amps) 
Museatex Bitstream vs Bidat
I am eager to read your thoughts on them!Michael 
Best Transport with Museatex Bitstream DAC
I have a higher end Shunyata cord on my Bidat and am very happy. 
Bidat vs Perfect Wave vs Weiss and others
Vhiner, I also own a modified Bidat and a Bitstream DAC. They were modified about two years ago, so they don't have teh very latest upgrades, but they are very nice. I just can't help but wonder how good the new chip set is in the new W4s DAC-2... 
Bidat vs Perfect Wave vs Weiss and others
Has anybody compared a recently modified Bidat to the new Wyred 4s DAC-2? 
Best Transport with Museatex Bitstream DAC
I have both a Bitstream and a Bidat DAC, both modified my John. I strongly suggest that you send it off to John and have him work his magic on it. His modifications and improvements get better every year. You will be very happy! 
Direct TV and digital hum problems
This happens often with Direct TV. The service has not been properly grounded. Call them back to fix it. 
Got Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers - what amp?
I use the Mcintosh MC-501 mono amps and am in love with teh sound. The MC-501 amps control the Mahlers very well and do not run out of steam. 
LSA 1 Monitors in a small room??
I have had a pair of the standard LSA1 speakers in my large bedroom (high vaulted ceiling) for the past two years and I really, really enjoy them! They are dynamic and have fantastic imaging like the earlier poster wrote about above. I will hopefu... 
Museatex Bitstream vs Bidat
Ok, I have not heard the IDAT, but I will take your word for it. I already tremendously enjoy my Bidat and Bitstream DACs that were upgraded about a year and a half ago. I will be sending them off back to John for the latest and greatest upgrades ... 
Museatex Bitstream vs Bidat
I just traded message with John. I will send him my Bitstream first and then the Bidat. Any power cord suggestions for the Bitstream? I haven't been able to decide on one and am still using the stock cord. I am using a really nice Shuyata one on m...