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Magnepan Mods
I have a pair of Magnestand MG-12s. I followed Peter Gunns instructions and noticed huge improvements in mids and bass. I had the opportunity to listen to modded vs. stock side by side. I then sent them to him for full frames and that took everyth... 
Tell Us about an Album That Took a Long Time to Grow on You
Every Peter Gabriel album ! 
You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...
oblgnyTiny Tim 
You can only take 5 albums to a deserted Island...
Genesis - Selling England By The PoundPink Floyd - Dark Side Of The MoonSteve Hackett - Watcher Of The SkiesEloy - PlanetsYes - Close To The Edge 
Recommendation for Improvement over McCormack DNA-225
+1 on /everything hitman said. That's exactly what I did several years ago and I'm no longer looking for "the amp" I have in spades ! ! ! Also if you call SMC Steve answers his own phone, you talk directly to the man, quite interesting considering... 
I’m using a Mapletree Audio Design line stage. 2 chassis with tube rectification. I’ve stopped looking for better. They are custom built in Canada, and not very expensive considering the performance. Check them out here https://hollowstate.netfirm... 
Best amplifier for magnapan mg12.
I've been using a McCormack DNA- 1 Deluxe, I picked up used for less than $500.00 on eBay. Sent it to SMC and had it upgraded with their Silver upgrade package. Conservatively rated at 185 wpc into 8 ohms which easily doubles down at 4 ohms.Total ... 
Magnepan 1.7s in a 10x13' dedicated room?
If you really like the Maggie sound try either MMGs or MG 12s. My room is roughly the same size and I.m thrilled with my MG-12s(modified completely by Magnestand). Just a thought ! ! ! 
SMC McCormack or Vincent Pwr Amp
McCormack no question. I called to ask some questions before mine arrived, Steve McCormack answers his own phone, and takes his time explaining things. You just don't get that kind of service many places ! ! ! 
Need TAD-150 Signature Preamp Owner's Manual
Metman is correct it was built to Pauls specs by a Chinese company called Audcom. 
Need TAD-150 Signature Preamp Owner's Manual
Paul stated very often...There is no owners manual...he was the owners manual ! 
Which song you would love to wake up to?
Here Comes The Sun 
Decent preamp to match my modest system?
Mapletree! The build quality is excellent and you can't beat the price. The Dr. is a great guy to work with as well. 
diagnostic help? ? ? ?
Swap tubes between channels. If the buzz follows it's the tubes. If it continues buzzing from the same channel you need to dig deeper. 
Protect LED on McCormack DNA HT1 wont go off
There are 4 rail fuses inside.TURN THE AMP OFF FIRST!!! Remove the cover and replace the blown fuses. They are located on the side boards of the amp.