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Audio Hungaray Qualiton A50i vs LTA Z40+ Integrated
I agree with the others who are saying that the first thing to upgrade is your streamer/DAC situation before upgrading amps.  That is a lofi solution you're using with ifi and your phone. Having said that, I have the Qualiton 50i and it is amazin... 
Sharing SACDs
It's called copyright law.   
Are Harbeth Super HL5 XD right for me?
I've had the original Shl5 speakers for years and I was never able to get them to image properly when placed so close to the front wall. They like room to breath and a lot of power (less of an issue for you if you only listen quietly). I will be l... 
Something other than Harbeth SHL5
THE RESULTS ARE IN.   I auditioned as much as I could find and at least did research on every option suggested.  Although you can't tell much from it, I did try to listen to samples on YouTube (with headphones).  There definitely is a noticeable... 
Something other than Harbeth SHL5
jplunkettj I am planning to go there, but so far, nobody has responded to my email.      
Something other than Harbeth SHL5
avanti1960   I very much agree with that.  With small stand mounteds, all I hear is speaker-in-a-shoebox.  LOL  
Is Imaging Worth Chasing?
To me, imaging is everything.  Otherwise you might as well use one speaker and listen to everything in mono. It's what gives the recording life -- makes it sound real.  Next is the ability of the speakers to completely disappear. Just taking a w... 
Small, Effective Subwoofers?
Add MJ Acoustics to the list. I use a Reference 100 with my Harbeth Shl-5. Perfect for covering the lowest octave.    
Audiosolution Figaro M owners impressions.
Do i give up my Harbeth SLH5 for them???  
How does a speaker blow out?
@chenaudiolab Very helpful, thanks.  
Are There Roon Ready I2S Streamers?
Try a Matrix X-Spdif-2 This will convert USB to i2s.   www.matrix-digi.com  
PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC
I'm surprised Paul let something go out the door that wasn't ready.  Although they sort of did the same thing with the first Bridge for the PerfectWave DAC.  What is there plan for existing customers when the new, correct part comes in?  Are they ... 
How does a speaker blow out?
Harbeth SLH5 (original, not plus)  
How does a speaker blow out?
It might have been around 70dB, I wasn't making the windows rattle.  And it was organ music!!!  LOL!!!! I appreciate all the info!  
How does a speaker blow out?
It was a woofer, so the low power seems to be the issue.  The amp is triode/ultralinear switchable and I liked the triode mode better.  I should have switched to ultralinear (i.e., 45 W) if I wanted to play loud, it seems.