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Considering Gryphon Diablo 300 "OR" Simaudio 700iv2 ???
I had a Sim 600i v2 prior to my Gryphon Diablo 300.   The Sim is a good integrated but the Diablo just blows it away.   No contest, get the Diablo.  
Gryphon Diablo 300 Has Arrived: First Impressions.
Go for the dcs for sure.    I have the Diablo 300 and the dcs Rossini.   Its  a fantastic pairing.    Not much better if you are streaming.    
Gryphon Diablo 300 Has Arrived: First Impressions.
I also have the Diablo 300.   Best amp I have ever had in my house and I have been through many.   I leave mine on all the time.   What do you guys think about that ? Are you doing the same thing ?   What does the manufacturer suggest ?    
Looking for suggestions on best small footprint speaker under $4K
Hi miamiangler,  if you are in Miami. contact me 
VAC 160iSE integrated with NOLA speakers
I use the VAC 160I with Sonus Faber Minima Vintage Speakers and it is fantastic. 
Sonus Faber Minima Vintage v/s Cremona Auditor
Lall, my room is 19' by 18'. I do not think any small monitor is able to handle the bass needed for orchestral music without the help of a good subwoofer. Maybe in a really small room with a powerful amp. Still like the Minima over the Cremona Aud... 
Sonus Faber Minima Vintage v/s Cremona Auditor
I have had both speakers and I like the Minima over the Cremona. I use the Minima as my main speakers. I even have a spare pair in the box that I am keeping for the long haul. I love the way they handle piano and vocals. Get the Minimas. 
Accuphase E-560 versus VAC Sigma 160i
I guess I am a little biased since I own the VAC Sigma 160i. It has made me stop looking for amps, at least for now. Haha. It is just a fantastic amp. Not the classic tube sound, just supremely musical and no fatigue at all. It sounds great across... 
Best Tube Amp/Preamp combination with Quad 2805s
I have the VAC sigma with a pair of Quad 57's. It is probably more power then I need but it sounds fantastic. It is a great amp and very musical. With the 2805's it would sound great. 
Biasing VTL Triode-25's Older Version
I have had those amps in the past. Just unscrew all the little screws and remove the Red chassis. The trim pots are underneath. You can't miss them. Biasing is straightforward. Getting the screw holes to line up when you put it back to gether is a... 
Been listening to The Beatles ...
What is better Mono or Stereo ? 
ICEPower vs SET
I had the same experience a few years back with a Bel Canto Digital Amp. With my CD source it sounded very good but with vinyl it sounded terrible. I was running a VTL 5.5 pre at the time. 
nottingham 294 or spacedeck
I have had both and thought the 294 was far superior. i now have the Dias. 
Comments about Nottingham quirks
I have not read this review but I have owned five different Nottingham models. Notts are great tables even the entry level models which I have had. This reviewer obviously needs to find another job. 
Looking for a entry level audiophile turntable
Nottingham Interspace Jr. $1900. Spend a few extra bucks you will not regret it. It blows away everything on your list.