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Repairing EMT cartridge
Soundsmith and Domenic can do it relatively cheap, but I was wondering if they put a generic "ruby cantilever and stylus" how that would change the sonic signature of the cart vs doing a factory rebuild? I'll take your advice and contact Tone Impo... 
Repairing EMT cartridge
Northwest Analogue looks interesting, I've contacted him to get a quote. Thanks for the referral. 
Shindo + Lowther?
I can't comment on the PHY-Ps but a friend has Lowthers in custom cabinets powered by Coincident Frankensteins with 300Bs and it just sounds incredible. Unbelievable tonality, presence and slam for such a small driver. From my limited experience t... 
Miyajima Shilabe with Shindo preamp ?
I second Restock regarding the Allaerts playing cello. I heard it mounted on a Triplanar/Oracle TT/ Pass XONO combo powered by CJ amps running to Wilson Grand Slamms. The decay of the cello was unbelievable, it felt like it was 2 seconds long. And... 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
Does anyone know if the Orangutans will be shown at the upcoming Toronto show in September? John? I'd love to hear them. 
Merlin TSM with Shindo 25 watt amp
The Orangutans would be very interesting, very high efficiency and a perfect match for Shindo tube gear. Please keep us apprised. 
Merlin TSM with Shindo 25 watt amp
I don't think "loudness" should be the only criteria here. Although I've never heard the TSMs, the Devore Super 8s that I used to have were also 87 dB. Sure they played loud and I never had to crank up the volume too high, but although they are a ... 
Shindo Monbrison better a RedWine Isabella?
Jonathan, while we have you can you please clarify once and for all, do the Aurieges and Monbrison match with lower impedance SS amps?Thanks 
Shindo preamp with Mcintosh MC252
Is the 252 a SS amp? If yes the impedance may be an issue, but if I recall correctly there was a similar thread where Jonathan Halpern, the Shindo distributor debunked that Shindos had high impedances. However, I can attest that when my friend con... 
new speaker for shindo amps - 70 watts
Those are great suggestions, but if you want to go the purist route, check out the Altec Valencias or for the ultimate in synergy - Shindo Latour which are a field coil design. 
shindo pre-amp and power amp reliabilty
You just have to be careful when matching SS amps with the Aurieges since it has a very high output impedance. In my experience it mates best with tube amps. 
What time do you wear?
You really shouldn't be wearing your Rolex (or any other mechanical watch for that matter) while chopping wood. I know the Rolex movement is extremely robust but the incredible shock and impact of wood chopping is sure to but severe stress on the ... 
New favorite VINYL Album?
another vote for Somethin' Else by Cannonball Adderley. This is just a classic jazz album with an all star lineup. 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
So the man hisself, Jean Nantais came to my place today to install the new bearing assembly into my Lenco. This is the same part that is featured on the Reference Lenco (the one Arthur raves about). Upon inspection it looks well machined and is ce... 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
All this talk about marketing ploys and Nantais paying off Salvatore is verging on the ridiculous! It makes the guys who are trying to stir up some dirt come off looking like a bunch of jealous schoolgirls! Let's get real guys and lets get back to...