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VdH cartridge on heavier tonearm
What was wrong with OL tonearm? Did not match together?   
VdH cartridge on heavier tonearm
Thanks for a lot of useful information!  
VdH cartridge on heavier tonearm
The compliance of Phasemation is given at @100 Hz, so to ensure that is comparable with VdH dynamic compliance @10 Hz should be multipled by 2-2.2.    In te frequency calculator we should use dynamic compliance value @10Hz.  Phasemation is 14.3g ... 
VdH cartridge on heavier tonearm
Dynamic compliance is a term used in calculator provided in link in second post.  VdH which is European producer states „static compliance”.   
VdH cartridge on heavier tonearm
Thanks for your advice. I will try to consult that with VDH directly. So far I used with this tonearm Phasemation PP-1000 cartridge that seens to have similar to Frog compliance at 10Hz.   
VdH cartridge on heavier tonearm
First o all to use provided calculator I need to confirm that static compliance at 35 micron/Nm given in Frog specs transtale into 17.5 micron/Nm dynamic compliance @ 10Hz. If this is true the calculated resonant frequency is 6.98Hz so at the lowe... 
Kimber Cable Select
You may want to try Kimber new Carbon series. In my system I found it better than all copper and hybrid Select series, especially on speaker cables.  
UP-OCC solid core copper for speaker cable
Unfortunately not. Only comparison two single stranded rectangular wires in PTFE insulation (NEMOI-1220) vs. two single strand round wires in PE insulation (NEI-1002). Rectangular wire was warmer sounding but with less top end extension   If you ... 
UP-OCC solid core copper for speaker cable
I have directly compared rectangular NEMOI-1220 and round NEI-1002 and preferred round wire. More dynamic, transparent and accurate. Rectangular wire have limited top end for my taste.    Amazon is a different stuff however there is few rectangul... 
Xhadow vs. ETI Kryo RCA
Vh Audio (at least silver recipe) is easy to solder as it does not have shieding braid.  Neotech NEI-1002 or NEI-1001 have about 2.5 mm2 of braided shield, so negative lug at least at ETI seems to be too small.   
RCA Interconnect screen side
Thank you. There is also another option - screen not connected at either end.   
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
I have a fuse holder in all my units connected the same way (current source inside fuse holder) and found that two purple fuses of the same value but purchased from different vendors sound best at different direction. One fuse market T (Trage for ... 
Capital Audio Fest 2018--show report
What is a price tag for Destination Audio in US? 
The Jadis JA200Mk2 review---or slam!
This review is a true disaster in my opinion. I own this JA200 MKII on KT150 tubes and know their sound very well. It is amazing sounding amplifier. It must be used with quality preamplifier.The reveiewer made so many mistakes that should simply a... 
Ocellia OCC silver cables
I also use Ocellia Reference on my system. I wonder how new OCC compares to the old reference. Does it maintain all original qualities when almost all components has been changed.