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Hard to sell my Klipsch Heritage Speakers for a possible Harbeth upgrade.
@mrdecibel thank you.  I will read about dampening the horns on the Cornwall’s.  I currently prefer the chorus 2s over what Klipsch I currently have (Cornwall, Forte, and chorus 2s). As to what I like....detail, warmth, and a speaker that can do a... 
Listening Height Adjustment -- Is This Why Two People Don't Hear the Same?
I prefer speakers with a wide listening arc, or I guess off-axis listening.  Often times I have friends over and I like to share in the great tunes. Moreover, I do not like to pinned to a specific spot in the room. 
Hard to sell my Klipsch Heritage Speakers for a possible Harbeth upgrade.
@donvito101 looking at the 40.1s.  Been reading reviews and Monitor Audio looks interesting.   However for a used price of 6K+ it makes me wonder.  @mapman sometimes there is just a itch that requires scratching.  
Monitor Audio Pl 300ii vs. KEF Reference 5
@bo1972 Tru-FI?  I am not sure what that means.   Two individuals tasting beer, wine or food may agree several products are very good, in fact top tier products.  However, each may have their opinion which is best.  Is there Tru-Food, Tru-WINE, Tr... 
Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX Review
@ctsooner I suspect owners who have them like them - I rarely seem them used.  I was hoping when the Super Nines were released there might be a few come up on the used market. 
Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX Review
@golfers - I have similar experience.  I have listened to Spendor, Sonus Faber, Dynaudio, Gallo and several other monitors.  I have never been inclined to get rid of the EOS HX. I do have 2 listening rooms and in my other room I have Klipsch Cornw... 
Klipsch Forte IIIs vs. Heresy III with a sub
I say stall and make excuses until the Forte become the norm. I have the Forte and friend has the Heresy for similar reasons you may get. I find there are no comparisons and it may prove difficult to intergrate a sub. Just my 2 cents.note... I hav... 
Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX Review
I have a pair of EOS HX driven by a Clayton 50w class A and Resolution Audio Cantata 2.0.  The EOS HX are my favorite monitors to cycle through my system.  Extremely detailed, providing great instrument separation and imaging.